The Dangers Of A Dry Spell

The Dangers Of A Dry Spell

If you cannot remember when the last time you had sex, then perhaps you are already in the dry spell. For others, the number of days that they have gone without sex is etched daily into their minds, so they know they are having a dry spell.

There can be various reasons for people to go on super long without sex when they are not single –of course, if there is no co-pilot, you know why the plane is not taking off.

However, when you are in a committed relationship like a marriage, the dry spells are more concerning. Understanding their presence is perhaps the first course of action; if you are at war with each other, it makes sense.

Similarly, some people are undergoing sexual health issues for which they are also consulting the best sexologist in Lahore, and this explains their dry spells.

Other than understanding the whys, it is also important to know the impact that lack of sex is having on you and your mental health.

Impact Of A Dry Spell

Feelings Of Loneliness

Not having sex can exacerbate the feelings of loneliness. You may feel invisible to your partner. Not voicing your needs makes you even more lonely in your ordeal.

Changes In The Body

Going too long without sex can also make some things harder for your body. The spell can cause you to lose interest in sex. In women, that can amount of lack of arousal.

Moreover, some people turn to food and television to find the comfort, and the lethal combination of the two can then pave way for weight gain.

Your sex drought will probably stick around for this long

Feeling Sad

Sex helps in the release of good hormones, that help in improving your mood and destressing you. Going without sex not only deprives you of the goodness itself, but there is then the added pressure and stress of not getting any.

Cumulatively then, these can have a great toll on your mental health. It can mean that you are feeling sadder more. It can also then trigger stresses in your body, so you are in a perpetual state of experiencing blues.

Lowered Immunity

Sex is not just good for pleasure, but it also helps in keeping your body stronger as well, since it promotes better immune functionality. Without it, you are then more likely to get sick.

Shattered Confidence Levels

There can also be a negative impact on your confidence levels. Thoughts like I am not good enough, I am not attractive enough, I have done something wrong can then creep into the mind.

Of course, we all want to be desired. The lack thereof is not just a great blow to the ego, but it can also make going back to having sex even more daunting.

It can also set you up to be exploited; you would do anything to get your partner to like you, and that is a vulnerability that comes with a high cost to yourself.

Strain On The Relationship

Physical intimacy is an important part of the relationship. It helps you connect with your partner on a more primal level. Lack therefore can then cause your relationship to become strained.

There can be moments of weakness including maybe you are not enough for your partner, to the anger about why your partner is not considerate of your needs. Consequently, it is the relationship that then suffers.

So, what to do?

If you have enough with your dry spell, perhaps it is time that you put some affirmative action behind it too. Talk to your partner about this problem.

Maybe, they are stressed at work, and it has nothing to do with you. Maybe, they are undergoing medical issues that require the intervention of the sexologist in Rawalpindi. Maybe, your relationship is in jeopardy, and if you both are vested in saving it, you need to work on fixing it.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen