Why are Steel Structure Stadiums So Popular?

Why are Steel Structure Stadiums So Popular?

Sports are increasingly valued by various countries, especially international events such as the Olympic Games and World Cup. Many countries are striving for the right to host various international events. To obtain the right to host, of course they must have the ability to organize international events. There are many international sports and require different competition venues, so many large stadiums need to be built. Especially in the various international sports events held in recent years, we can see large stadiums of various shapes. Without exception, these large stadiums are basically steel structure buildings.

In fact, not only these international event stadiums, but also many schools, communities, etc. are now equipped with steel structure gymnasiums, because indoor gymnasiums are a very popular sports venue in cold winters and hot summers. The steel structure gymnasium is the first choice. Because the steel structure gymnasium has its unique advantages.

1. The steel structure gymnasium has a short construction period, simple and fast installation, which greatly shortens the construction period.

A total of 56 venues were built for the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games in 2022. It took nearly 5 years to construct. All 56 competition stadiums for the Hangzhou Asian Games and Asian Para Games were completed and the event function acceptance was completed, laying the foundation for the successful hosting of the 2022 Asian Games. Among them, 12 new venues, 26 renovated venues, 9 additional venues, and 9 temporary venues were built in accordance with international competition standards. Steel structure buildings play an important role. Gymnasiums are large buildings, and their general size requires them to accommodate 3,000 to 10,000 people. The construction period of a traditional building of the same scale is at least one year, while the steel structure can be completed from design to completion within 4 months.

2. The steel structure gymnasium has high strength and can meet the needs of large spaces and large spans.


The steel structure itself has high performance and strength and can withstand extreme weather such as strong winds and earthquakes better than wood or concrete. With proper anti-corrosion treatment, steel buildings are durable. Its long-span characteristics are particularly suitable for the large space and height required by the gymnasium. The field of vision is wide and unobstructed, and it can easily meet the venue space requirements of various sports.

3. Energy saving and emission reduction, high comprehensive benefits.

The steel structure building is insulated, energy-saving and emission-reducing. There is no construction waste during construction, and it produces little noise and dust. And the recyclability rate is high. It also can save labor costs, reduce energy consumption, and have high overall benefits. And the steel structure project can be designed to allow expansion and modification. It can also be reconfigured to suit new uses, such as a music venue, a venue for other events, etc.

4. Beautiful and practical: Steel structure buildings have good plasticity and can meet the design of different shapes. Moreover, multi-color wall panels can be used, which has a beautiful and fashionable appearance and is more flexible. For example, the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center: the stadium “Big Lotus”, the double gymnasium/natatorium “Turn into Butterfly”, the tennis center “Little Lotus”, the comprehensive training hall “Jade Cong” and other beautiful and grand shapes are all eye-catching. These are all due to the steel structure building stadium.

It is precisely because of these advantages of steel structure buildings that they are particularly suitable for buildings such as gymnasiums. It is very clear why steel structure gymnasiums are so popular now.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen