Dog Health Check By Yourself For The Owner

Dog Health Check By Yourself For The Owner

quality dog ​​grooming In addition to taking care and giving love The health of the dog’s body also plays an important role. to keep the dog healthy Healthy body, no illness, long life, can stay with us for a long time. which some people may have wondered Is our dog healthy? They can easily assess the basic health check by ourselves as follows:

weighing Weight is an early indicator of a dog’s abnormalities. If the dog keeps losing weight by being given the same food (อาหารสุนัข) or eating the same and having the same daily activities It may indicate some abnormality in the dog. The ideal weight for each dog depends on the breed, age range, and daily activities of the dog. and should be evaluated together with the Body condition score

The appropriate rating is neither too fat nor too thin. Initially assessed from Feel the dog’s ribs at the back of the chest. The ribs should be slightly touched. but not clearly visible from the outside (in long-haired dogs ribs may be more visible than in short-haired dogs), but if the rib cage is clearly visible with the naked eye And touches the ribs a lot, indicating that the dog is too thin. on the contrary, If the ribs are not visible to the naked eye and can’t touch the ribs at all That dog is too fat If the dog is too fat or too thin They can reduce the amount of food (อาหารสุนัข). or increase in small increments each day to be suitable for dogs

Hair and skin health healthy dog will have soft, beautiful, shiny hair patted on the body hair do not fall on the hand (There may be some hair loss.) There is no hair loss area or thinning hair. except under the body and under the belly Rubbed on the body without blisters or abnormalities other than suitable food (อาหารสุนัข) There are nutrients, nourishing food for hair and skin. Brushing the dog’s coat on a regular basis It will help keep skin and coat healthy. Because it stimulates the blood vessels under the skin to bring nutrients to the skin and fur better. and various external parasites are also an important part. in skincare and holistic health

How To Conduct an At-Home Health Check on Your Dog | Daily Paws

part of the face Eyes sparkling, if the eyes are cloudy or cloudy, this indicates an abnormality. the sclera is white If the whites of the eyes are pink, red, or yellow, this indicates an abnormality, no eyelids, always moist nose, mouth, no bad breath. The teeth have no plaque. moist pink gums If the gums are dark red and purple, there is an abnormality. For the good oral health of your dog, they should brush your dog’s teeth regularly at least once a day and take him for an oral examination with a veterinarian at least once a year. Ears, look in the ear canal. No bad smell, no earwax, no red inflammation. You should wash your ears at least once a week.

dog’s tail The area around the buttocks and genitals is clean. Flesh-colored or pale pink skin no stool stains or dirt

Part of the feet: The skin on the soles of the feet is flesh-colored or light pink, if red, along with the hair on the soles or top of the feet that are darker than usual. May be caused by abnormalities in the feet Nails that do not reach the ground, twist, or roll in until they pierce through the skin. especially the thumb

If doing a self-examination of the dog’s health initially Is there any part that cannot be maintained or managed on its own? or found something wrong You should take your dog to the veterinarian for a diagnosis. and early treatment for the health and longevity of the dog

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