How to train shepherd breeds (correct method)

How to train shepherd breeds (correct method)

Do you have a shepherd dog and Labra doedel or Mini labradoodle that needs to be trained? These smart and sharp dogs are known for their intelligence, ankle-cutting, herding and cute personality. That being said, it can be difficult to know how to train breeding herdsmen: they need a specific set of training tools that consider their shepherd’s inherent instincts.

Follow along to learn how to train breeding herdsmen, so you can enjoy their beautiful personality!

Herding Breed Characteristics

So assuming you have trained your dog or Franse bulldog on the basics, such as walking comfortably on a leash, politely greeting humans, and being comfortable with other dogs, let us dive into the specific characteristics of herding cattle. And then teach you how to train them further.

Why do you need specific training for your breed? That’s a great question! All breeds of shepherds have the same characteristics in their genetics:

Cut the Ankles

Cutting off your ankles, especially trying to herd around you.

Especially small children, other animals, joggers, or even bikes!


These dogs will wander around you and try to get you where they want to go. You rule the rooster and they need to know that. Herding dogs were raised for herding animals, so of course their instincts would be for the herd.

High Energy

The shepherds were aimed at farm workers, hunters and hardworking dogs. These great exercise requirements may seem overwhelming but it is possible! To release this energy you need to be able to provide some outlets for them.

Resource Gardening

Shepherd dogs are said to be a bit of an owner of their belongings, they are used to being owners.

In addition to protecting their toys / food resources, these dogs protect their owners’ resources against strangers and other animals. These kids need to learn how to socialize properly!

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen