Significance of Average of Numbers in Real Life

Significance of Average of Numbers in Real Life

In real life, we may come across many scenarios where we cannot predict or declare a quantity’s value directly. In such cases, we can use averages to determine an estimate of value to the quantity. There can be so many values for any given data set or anything. It is challenging to perform numerically or conclude some facts from every value because it will be cumbersome. Hence, the average or arithmetic means will provide us an approximate estimate about the expected values in that set so that the calculations on all the values will be more or less the same. Therefore, it is best effective if the data provided do not have a huge difference.

In colloquial expression, an average is defined as a unique number that can be taken as representative of a data set or a list of numbers. Different thoughts of average are used in different situations and contexts. Usually, the word average refers to the arithmetic mean and is calculated by dividing the sum of the data values or observations by the number of data values or observations. In some cases, we may use the geometric mean when the data values are given in terms of the product of numbers.

In census, if we have to find the mean lifetime of a person, then we need to calculate the total age of a selected population and divide by the number of people. The resulting value will be a representative of the population’s average lifetime. In this case, the selected population should include all the categories of people who are living in cities and villages. Similarly, we can find the average height, weight or age of students in a class. These are every common scenario that we may observe in our daily existence. Without average, we cannot predict how much age should be considered for the students of a specific class while analyzing the data regarding literacy.


When dealing with income and other financial transactions, we have to use the concept of average to make some conclusions. For example, we live in a region where we can observe two incomes: high incomes and pretty low incomes. Generally, we all purchase houses, but those with lower incomes are not so expensive, and the homes that those with high incomes buy are costly (expensive). We can formulate a bi-modal distribution of the prices of the house in this area. A hump for the lower-priced houses will be the typical price on a graph of house prices and another hump over the particular expensive house price. Here, the average is calculated to understand the mean expense of a family to build a house. Also, mean deviation is taken in some situations to get the absolute value of the average income or other parameters.

Apart from the education, financial and data analysis, average is also used in weather related information to compare the temperature from last year or month to the current year or month. These analytics will help in understanding the climate changes over the period of time.

Preparation Guide For Gmat

Preparation Guide For Gmat

Students nowadays are very concerned and particular about their career and they start planning well in advance the college or university they wish to take the admission. Whether it’s a graduate or post-graduate course, getting admission to a top-rated institute is not that easy. With competition across the globe, bagging a seat in any college/university in the US or other countries involves regular practice and thorough preparation.

One such exam or admission test is the GMAT, also known as Graduate Management Admission Test conducted every year. This test can be taken as many times a year.

The test pattern involves three sections namely:

  • Verbal reasoning – It determines the ability of an individual to write on relevant topics, understanding different phrases, a strong vocabulary, and deriving relationships from different components of the sentences. For the exam, a good hold on English is mandatory. The level of questions and reading comprehension is hard.
  • Quantitative reasoning – This section assesses the mathematical problems and logical interpretation of quantitative information. It requires an understanding of arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. It also includes basic statistics and certain topics of trigonometry and calculus.
  • Analytical reasoning – This reasoning test the critical skills to understand complex problems and evaluate the same and come out with relevant solutions.

This test is taken worldwide and there are 500+ test centres in different countries. The coaching for the exam can be taken from the jamboree online GMAT, with detailed study material and practice tests. As it is a computer adaptive test, the level of question varies from candidate to candidate. For the candidate answering right, the level of questions rises and for wrong answers, easy questions come up for the candidates. Every candidate can appear for this exam 5 times a year and 8 times a lifetime.

Another advantage of this exam is that it doesn’t have a fixed exam date; candidates can apply and choose the exam date anytime. Top-rated B schools also provide scholarships to bright candidates on a merit basis. The scholarship can be of two types- a full scholarship takes care of the entire cost of the program and a partial scholarship would cover half of the fees. Harvard, Stanford, Insead, etc. being the top prestigious institutes have very strict admission criteria and they require a score of 720 or more.

Jamboree online GMAT classes provide detailed study plans on a daily and weekly basis. The online classes would include mock and practice tests for every section. These online platforms have experts conducting the classes and taking doubt sessions of the students ensuring goof hold on the subject. It is advised to focus more on strengths and maximize them with time. GMAT is not just an English or Math test; it is a unique exam that tests the analytical, critical, and verbal skills of an individual.

There are several ways to prepare for the exam and it’s important to stay focused and stress-free during the exam. Stick to the schedule and make the most of the time and follow the study plan.

The Technique To Find Tutor And Institute For Online Quran Classes For Kids

The Technique To Find Tutor And Institute For Online Quran Classes For Kids

This is every parent’s wish to find the best Quran teachers and institute for online Quran classes for the kids. However, Every Muslim has a responsibility to study the Qur’an. Similarly, it is of high significance for Muslim parents who should teach their children to read the Quran early, so it becomes a regular habit. Children discover different skills at an early age, and this also applies to study the Holy Book. For kids, there are several educational institutions for online Qur’an that are providing quality Islamic education. On the other hand, the non-Arabic speaking kids would find it challenging to learn Quran relative to kids who speak Arabic as their mother tongue.

The most important problem to tackle is the proper pronunciation of verses in the Quran. It cannot be done until a qualified Quran tutor guides the kid. In addition, continuity also plays a significant role in learning the Quran effectively. One who recites the Holy Quran regularly, then it becomes the habit of that kid. The western education system also teaches all of these things. So, the online Quran classes in the USA also teach similarly.

On the other hand, the question mostly arises in the parents’ and kids’ minds about finding the best online Quran class’s institutes.

Way To Search The Best Online Quran Classes Institute For Kids

It is the nature of a little kid to learn whatever his/her elders do. So, an institute becomes the place where a kid learns the educational course. However, these institutes implant the way of learning the Holy Quran in Quran classes on a regular basis. Additionally, a child will learn to obey a schedule by making daily attendance compulsory.

Learning Quran could be done by following a similar trend. However, several parents worry that attending Quran classes at a Quran institute can become very difficult with their children spending half majority of their time at school. It is no longer an issue.

Nowadays, there is a variety of standard Online Quran institutes. They offer children the best way to learn the Online Quran. However, the Online Quran Institute allows you to register your kids. They have available trained Quran instructors who are skilled in providing quality education to children of all ages. Transportation isn’t going to be a concern because classes are online. The class schedule can be negotiated with the teacher and can be scheduled at any time appropriate for kids and teachers.

One major challenge that several parents ignore the importance of learning the Quranic context. When the kid knows what he’s reading and memorizing, it’s a great benefit. It also encourages the whole method of being a successful Muslim by observing Islam’s teachings.

However, understand the meaning of verses by itself does not accomplish the purpose of reciting the Quran. The Quran’s core meaning is to read it in Arabic so reciting the Holy Quran in Arabic is a moral obligation for Muslims.


Therefore, it is necessary to find the best tutor and institute for online Quran classes for kids. It is the first step for your kids to learn Quran in Quran classes. If a parent cannot do this step, he cannot learn the Quran because the best teacher can only teach the kid, and the best tutor is available at the best institute. Thus, the need of the hour to search for the best online Quran classes for the kids Quran learning.  Once your kid learns the Quran in Quran classes, then it will be his habit.

Tips & Tricks Straight-A Students Use To Study Better [Infographic]

  • Study strategies for each type of learner
  • 10 tips to study smarter now harder
  • Ineffective habits you need to avoid

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How Can You Add Printables To Your Child’s Daily Routine?

Child’s Daily

Helping your child become more creative is a very fun idea, and it can bring in some amazing moments. Kids can learn lots of things through coloring, such as exploring new locations, enjoying all kinds of creative actions and spending time with their parents. It’s safe to say that coloring and printables in particular can help strengthen the bond between you and your child.

Adding Printables To Your Child’s Routine

Kids are known to get bored very fast. You want to prevent anything like that, which is why it makes a lot of sense to ease printables into the entire process. Present printables like coloring pages to your child, let him know what he can do and encourage him to start coloring. Don’t show this as a chore, instead try to show it as something fun, exciting and different. Once you show it like that, kids will start enjoying the experience more and more.

There’s also the alternative to download some nice pictures and complete them yourself. Then you present them to your child. This is a great way to encourage your kid to try out this kind of stuff on his own. When a child sees the results and he enjoys it, he will most likely want to try it on his own. It’s not a simple thing for him to do, but you should be there to offer assistance and as much support as you can.

little-child-painting-like-artist_23-2148178280.jpg (626×417)

Make It Creative And Different

You should consider sharing some pictures with your child after sitting in front of the TV or when he is bored. The reason for that is they can bring in that passion to create something back, even if your child feels that there’s nothing to do. Staying alongside your kid and completing coloring pages together is an extraordinary bonding experience, and that’s one of the things to take into account as much as you can. Variety is key too, you want to have coloring sheets that are always different thematically. This will bring in a sense of exploration, excitement and unknown, which your child will like. You might also try to find the differences between pictures. It’s easy to find such worksheets on the internet for free.

Let Your Child Dream And Share His Vision

It’s important to not limit your child in any way. When you use printables, you want this experience to be very fun for him. That means bringing in a lot of creativity and always pushing the boundaries as much as possible. It can bring in a huge difference, and the results on their own can be super exciting.

What we recommend you to do is to slowly introduce the notion of coloring sheets and printables to your child. Make them feel fun and a great activity everyone will like. Then you must show that this is a source of endless fun by always coming up with new, different printables.

Of course, it’s a good idea to invest in a high quality coloring set too. That will help bring in amazing results too, all while avoiding any rush. It’s the best of both worlds, so don’t hesitate and start sharing some cool coloring pages with your child. This can easily become your child’s new favorite activity!

Guardians’ Guide To School Entrance Exams

School Exams

With such a significant number of school placement tests out there, the abbreviations appear to bode well than a heap of Scrabble tiles. How would you sort through every one of the letters to discover which test matters and how to enable your youngster to get ready?

Begin with your kid’s school or post-graduate objectives to figure out which tests are basic. Institutionalized passageway tests normally measure understudies’ composition capacities and aptitudes at thinking verbally and numerically. Tests fluctuate contingent upon the degree test-takers intend to acquire. Entrance advisory boards frequently utilize the scores as a component of the whole application bundle as an approach to equitably analyze understudies, who originate from various instructive foundations. Nonetheless, the significance of test scores shifts generally by school, and you should look at the amount they matter.

  • To Get into College (Undergraduate)

U.S. universities for the most part acknowledge two state administered tests intended to indicate which understudies are prepared for scholarly life after secondary school. The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT Reasoning) ( measures capacity in math, basic perusing and composing. The Educational Testing Service offers the test for an expense of $45 for household test-takers. Universal test-takers must pay an extra $26. Scores go from size of 200 to 800 for every segment. Understudies may re-take the SAT, however schools will get scores from all test dates.

Hour-long SAT subject tests are accessible in writing, history, math, science and unknown dialects. Scores go from 200 to 800. Language tests cost $40, and the charge for one another subject test is $29. Check with the affirmations staff at the schools your kid is thinking about to check whether they acknowledge aftereffects of the SAT subject tests.

While the SAT Reasoning test estimates understudy fitness, another test called the ACT assesses both ability and learning. The ACT ( utilizes numerous decision inquiries to test learning in English, math, perusing and science, with a discretionary article composing portion. Test-takers can win from 1 to 36 points on each part; the complete score is a normal of the area results. Household test-takers must pay a $32 expense to take the ACT without the composition area, which costs an extra $15. Worldwide test-takers must pay an extra $26 charge. Understudies may re-step through the exam and choose which scores to send to schools.

  • To Get into Graduate School

Like school affirmations tests, selection tests for alumni and expert schools measure thinking capacity and capability recorded as a hard copy. Test-takers may likewise need to exhibit subject learning.

Graduate school candidates for the most part take the general Graduate Record Examination (GRE) ( and one of eight subject tests in writing, math and science – relying upon the prerequisites of the school. The general test incorporates verbal, quantitative and composing segments. The score run for the general test is 200-800 (0-6 scale score for logical composition). The general test costs $160 in the U.S. Worldwide understudies pay about $190 with the expense – fluctuating marginally as indicated by area. Each subject test costs $140 in the U.S. what’s more, $160 wherever else. Understudies may drop their scores toward the finish of the test to keep the outcomes from being submitted to graduate schools. They may likewise re-take the GRE, however ETS will report all non-dropped scores earned inside five years.

  • To Get into Business School

To enter Masters of Business Administration programs, understudies take the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) (, which incorporates a diagnostic composition segment, verbal fragment and quantitative part. Scores go from 200 to 800. The GMAT costs $250. Understudies may have their scores erased and re-step through the exam, yet reports to business colleges will mirror all wiping out solicitations.

  • To Get into Medical School

Candidates to restorative school take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) (, which incorporates areas on science, verbal thinking and exposition composing. The test costs $230 (global test site extra $65). Scores extend from 1 to 15, and candidates may drop them toward the finish of the test. Understudies may re-take the MCAT up to three times each year.

  • To Get into Law School

Graduate school candidates take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) ( Imminent understudies must exhibit aptitude in perusing cognizance, investigation and consistent thinking. Candidates may take the LSAT up to multiple times in two years. The test costs $132, and scores extend from 120 to 180. Candidates may re-step through the examination, yet graduate schools will see all non-dropped scores. Some graduate schools normal the scores from a few test dates while others take simply the best outcome.

Free Ways that You Can Prepare for Your English Test

Do you realize that preparing for your English test does not have to make you spend a lot of money? You can always choose to get English language exam preparation courses but if you do not have a lot of money to spare, you can still prepare for your English language tests without spending too much money. You know that you are already spending a lot of money on the resources in order to acquire as many details as you can about the English test that you are going to take. You also need to save some money for your future. Find more details on how you can prepare better for your English language test here.

image 2 under head line-3aca5a5d55545d0fbf657d03ac05d20a.jpg (5760×3840)

One of the things that you can do so that you can start practicing for your English test is to watch movies with subtitles. This will help you read the script while trying to understand what the movie is about. There are some people who would find this easy but if you find it hard, this means that you need to download more movies with subtitles. It may help you improve on your English while getting entertained at the same. This is also a practice that you can do alongside taking English language exam preparation classes. Finding the right place to learn should not be too complicated especially when you check Google Maps.

Another thing that you can do is to start reading more English books. You may have the same book in your native language and now is your chance to read it in English. Remember that it can be boring if you are going to read textbooks all the time. You can choose novels, magazines, or other books that you find interesting. The more that you read, the more that you will have a better grasp of how some English words are used. This will help improve your English comprehension for sure. Also, the more interested you are in the topic, the more that you will be enticed to read every word.

You can also watch speeches of people who said their speech in English. There are a lot of powerful speeches that you can find online. It may be hard in the beginning to understand what they are saying but the more that you listen, the more that you will absorb what the people are trying to say. At the same time, you will also have a better idea of how certain words should be pronounced. You may also learn how to do proper speeches. Who will listen to you speak when you are speaking meekly, right? There are more details about exam preparation that you can learn when you check

If you are studying with another person, you can talk about something in English. You will both try to assess if you are able to understand each other properly. If you are both able to speak, then this means that you have learned a lot and you have a higher chance of passing the exam. If you are both having a hard time, you may want to practice more or consider enrolling in an English language test preparation class. Preparing your English exam does not have to be too complicated or costly.