Preparation Guide For Gmat

Preparation Guide For Gmat

Students nowadays are very concerned and particular about their career and they start planning well in advance the college or university they wish to take the admission. Whether it’s a graduate or post-graduate course, getting admission to a top-rated institute is not that easy. With competition across the globe, bagging a seat in any college/university in the US or other countries involves regular practice and thorough preparation.

One such exam or admission test is the GMAT, also known as Graduate Management Admission Test conducted every year. This test can be taken as many times a year.

The test pattern involves three sections namely:

  • Verbal reasoning – It determines the ability of an individual to write on relevant topics, understanding different phrases, a strong vocabulary, and deriving relationships from different components of the sentences. For the exam, a good hold on English is mandatory. The level of questions and reading comprehension is hard.
  • Quantitative reasoning – This section assesses the mathematical problems and logical interpretation of quantitative information. It requires an understanding of arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. It also includes basic statistics and certain topics of trigonometry and calculus.
  • Analytical reasoning – This reasoning test the critical skills to understand complex problems and evaluate the same and come out with relevant solutions.

This test is taken worldwide and there are 500+ test centres in different countries. The coaching for the exam can be taken from the jamboree online GMAT, with detailed study material and practice tests. As it is a computer adaptive test, the level of question varies from candidate to candidate. For the candidate answering right, the level of questions rises and for wrong answers, easy questions come up for the candidates. Every candidate can appear for this exam 5 times a year and 8 times a lifetime.

Another advantage of this exam is that it doesn’t have a fixed exam date; candidates can apply and choose the exam date anytime. Top-rated B schools also provide scholarships to bright candidates on a merit basis. The scholarship can be of two types- a full scholarship takes care of the entire cost of the program and a partial scholarship would cover half of the fees. Harvard, Stanford, Insead, etc. being the top prestigious institutes have very strict admission criteria and they require a score of 720 or more.

Jamboree online GMAT classes provide detailed study plans on a daily and weekly basis. The online classes would include mock and practice tests for every section. These online platforms have experts conducting the classes and taking doubt sessions of the students ensuring goof hold on the subject. It is advised to focus more on strengths and maximize them with time. GMAT is not just an English or Math test; it is a unique exam that tests the analytical, critical, and verbal skills of an individual.

There are several ways to prepare for the exam and it’s important to stay focused and stress-free during the exam. Stick to the schedule and make the most of the time and follow the study plan.