The 4 Benefits of Wellbeing Training

The 4 Benefits of Wellbeing Training

Although focused on teachers and educators, anyone can benefit from wellbeing training.

Wellbeing training is something we assume people know how to do for themselves. We think that everyone has an established self-care routine, that they know how to manage their work-life balance, and that they know how to say “no” when they have to. These are skills that not everyone learns when they grow up, however, and some of us go on into adulthood without ever really knowing how to set boundaries and keep ourselves protected from burnout.

Never was this truer than it is in the teaching industry. Ever since the pandemic hit, our teaching staff have had even more work on their already heavy schedules. They had to learn how to be remote yet effective, how to use video chats and screen sharing, and how to safeguard our children from a distance. Wellbeing training can help with this and, in the case of Hays Wellbeing Online Training, it’s even free if you go to the right sources.

Here are some of the best benefits of completing an online wellbeing course as an educator in a post-pandemic world.

4 Important Benefits of Wellbeing Training

Thinking of doing wellbeing training? Here are four reasons why it’s a great idea.

1 – Improved Work-Life Balance

Teaching your educators how to manage their time better leads to an improvement in work-life balance. As we all know, get too much work and not enough life and you will quickly burnout. Teaching people how to manage their time so that they are not excessive in either field leads to lower staff absences in your facility. A teacher with better work-life balance is a teacher that doesn’t contribute to staff turnover, too.

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2 – Better Office Culture

When you send members of your teaching staff off on a wellbeing course, you are telling them that you care about their issues. Again, this leads to a lower staff turnover. Your employees feel valued, and valued employees are far more likely to go the extra mile on your behalf. The children will notice the motivational differences, leading to a better educational experience for everyone that is involved. Wellbeing training establishes and improves on the office culture in your school.

3 – Empowered Employees

Wellbeing training helps your employees stand up for themselves in a new way. It teaches them about boundary setting and the importance of self-care. These are life skills they can take forward into all aspects of living. They will stay with them forever. You are not just empowering them in their positions as teachers, you are empowering them in everyday life, too. It is not something they will soon forget when it comes time to renewing contracts.

4 – We Can Pass On the Knowledge

The final reason that each and every teacher be put through wellbeing training, is to pass what they learn on to the next generation. We want to raise kids who don’t need to go into training to manage their work-life balance or go through self-care training. We want kids that can take care of their own emotional needs, straight out of the classroom. That’s our responsibility, after all.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen