Things That Can Make Or Break Your Relationship

Things That Can Make Or Break Your Relationship

Relationships are tricky. There is no one size fits all approach to them since all relationships are unique. However, despite the element of individuality, some traits are common across all people. These then have an important impact on the success of your relationship then as well.

Heeding to these few key factors is important as that can determine the fate of your relationships. Some of these make-or-break points of a relationship include:

Sex life  

Not everything is about sex, especially the kind shown on television, but a healthy sex life is important part of any relationship. Chemistry in bed also translates to chemistry otherwise. It also is a key indicator of if you are with a right person; if your partner is solely focused on their needs, their pleasure, and their convenience, then that is a big, red flag right there.

However, in some instances, problems pertaining to health get in the way. Instead of then dumping the person you considered spending the rest of your life with, consult a sexologist in Lahore and get them help. Work the problems through with them.

But if they are still not considerate of your needs and all that you are doing towards the relationship, then perhaps you should ponder over its fate.

Issues With Being Heard

Everyone wants to be heard. If you are not feeling heard in your relationship, whether it be obvious signs of your partner not giving you attention, or if they are subtly tuning you out, you must take a stand for yourself.

Lack of effective communication is also a make-or-break point in your relationship.

Feeling Alone And Let Down During Special Moments

What is the point of having a partner when you will be celebrating your wins alone? If they are not vested enough to pick you up when you have a setback, and rejoicing with you when things are doing well, then perhaps you need to decide the fate of your relationship.

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Essentially, if you are feeling alone at your milestone moments, you might then feel not being valued enough by your partner.

Lack Of Respect

It is never okay for your partner to belittle to. Both partners need to be respected. However, if your partner is not showing respect to you, whether it be in more blatant form or is being sly about it by casting demeaning comments, you need to put your foot down, and determine if you will be leaving your partner or not. Hint, we think quitting is better!

The Relationship Is Lopsided

Both partners need to equally carry the load of the relationship. It does not mean that there is a strict division of the chores, though that is important, but both should be vested equally in the relationship. There has to be a balance to the relationship.

However, if one person is carrying the relationship on their own, perhaps then it is time to call it off. It means that one of the stakeholders is not doing enough to sustain the relationship. And while it can work for some time if they are undergoing a rough patch, but in the long term, it is very unhealthy.

When Things Are Going Too Fast For You

If you do like your partner, but things then start to go at a pace that is faster than what you are comfortable with, and your partner thinks you are just having usual cold feet, then that is also a major make or break point in the relationship.

However, before you call quits to an otherwise good relationship, try to get to the bottom of your perturbance. Perhaps, if you are frank with your partner, they would understand.

Or, maybe, your discomfort stems from your commitment phobia or bad experience. In such case, it might help to talk to a mental health expert via who can work with you to improve your outlook overall.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen