Miro Pricing vs Asana Pricing 2022

Miro Pricing vs Asana Pricing 2022

Miro is a tool that lifts off the limits that are part of remote workspaces. It does not matter whether your team is distributed or remote, you can easily collaborate with everyone in vibrant and dynamic ways through Miro. The Asana project management software organizes different aspects of agile work management. It focuses on providing detail-focused tools to take care of project management.

Following are the Miro pricing vs Asana pricing plans and a detailed list of their features.

Miro Pricing Plans

The official website provides five Miro pricing options:

1. Free

When you are working on the free Miro pricing plan, you can create up to 3 editable boards. Moreover, you can access the diverse premade template library to save time. It also gives users the option to work with some of the core integrations such as Zoom, Slack, Microsoft One Drive, Unsplash, and many others.

You can also manage the attention of your team by either bringing them to a single board or tracking their cursor to keep up with their activity. The free plan further supports members that you can invite to edit boards and collaborate smartly. For security purposes, Google, Slack, and Office 365 are also available.

2. Team

This particular pricing option costs $10 per member and is charged on a monthly basis. The list of features of this plan extends to include a robust suite of tools. For example, it can be utilized to create unlimited editable boards, invite unlimited visitors, and even access custom templates.

The project feature can be used to store and organize boards and you can manage permissions as well to limit who views the files. Meanwhile, private boards draw the boundary between individual work and teamwork. Private boards can be used to work on the project and can be shared when they are ready.

A few other features of the Team plan include voting, timer, video chat, visitors, and manual backup of boards.

3. Business

The third option charges $20 and supports businesses with large teams. Its features include special tools like Miro Smart Diagramming and Miro Smart Meetings. Smart diagramming lets users create diagrams to explain and explore their ideas by using advanced shapes. This function is equipped with high-end shape creators like Data Flow Diagram and Business process Modeling Notation.

Meanwhile, Miro Smart Meetings can define the tools that users can access while they are part of a session. The expert-built templates make it easy to set up the meeting to target specific details as such. Security is ensured with SAML Single Sign-On as well.

4. Enterprise

The fourth pricing option is for users who need enterprise-grade tools, admin control, and security for their business. It has SIEM integrations, data governance, a flexible licensing program, a dedicated success manager, and many others.

The price of the enterprise plan is not provided on the website but interested members can request it through the website.

5. Consultant Plan

This fifth option is created to manage a separate workspace to collaborate with clients specifically. Users who opt for this plan can create a secure and private workspace for each client they are working with. It can be used to invite unlimited guests, access custom frames and templates, and Miro Smart Diagraming as well.

Moreover, the consultant plan supports Miro Smart Meetings and controls access of team members too.

Miro Demo

The Miro demo is accessible through the blog linked to their website. There is a

Asana Pricing Plans

There are basically four Asana pricing options to fit the requirements of teams of different sizes:

1. Basic

This is a free-of-cost Asana pricing option where you can not only send unlimited messages but also keep unlimited tasks and projects. Unlimited file storage is also accessible but the file size is limited to 100MB. It can further be utilized to maintain unlimited activity log, list view projects, and collaborate with up to 15 other members.

You can also control their projects by assigning them to particular members as well as specifying due dates. A project brief provides important details about the project development.

2. Premium

Asana’s premium payment option costs around $10 and it can be used to create a timeline, workflow builder, and unlimited dashboards too. Users can also have unlimited free guests to view files and documents. Furthermore, it can be used to create online forms as well as define details with rules. Start dates and times of projects can be defined to stay on top of the details. Task templates add to the charm of this pricing option too.

3. Business

The business plan costs $24 and can be used to keep project portfolios, define goals, and balance employee workload. You can use the custom rules builder feature to define the rules according to which your employees will work. Additionally, form branching and customization lets you send custom forms let you send follow-up questions.

Proofing, advanced integrations, and approvals make this plan stand out for large-scale enterprises.

4. Enterprise

The enterprise option can be used to gain enterprise-grade security, control, and support. The advanced admin features can be utilized to maintain centralized control and ensure that only the relevant people have certain permissions. Security at scale ensures that the sensitive information remains protected against threats.

Asana Demo

The Asana Demo is also available upon request that provides an in-depth introduction to the software. It conveys the functionality of the tools so you can maximize the benefits you can gain.

Miro vs Asana

As far as providing efficient tools is concerned both Miro and Asana are neck to neck. The Miro reviews provide that it is reliable software with digitized whiteboards and sticky notes. Meanwhile, Asana reviews also state that users are satisfied with the service as it has helped them streamline their tasks and organize their projects while collaborating with their team members. The Miro pricing vs Asana pricing are reflective of the set of features provided by each.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen