Athena EHR: An all-in-One Solution for your Practice!

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Athena EHR is a cloud-based solution from Athenahealth that combines practice management, an electronic health record (EHR), and care coordination. Athena EHR is an electronic health record system that can handle practice management, invoicing, and patient portals, among other things. As part of their EHR system, Athena EHR manages electronic medical records. It’s a cloud-based, scalable EHR that organizes patient visits simply, helps providers document faster, and positions your company for success. For practices and organizations that aim to improve financial performance while providing high-quality healthcare and an amazing patient experience.

Athena’s solutions are distinguished by data-driven insights derived from the healthcare industry’s largest network, and because they are cloud-based, these insights, as well as product updates, are given on a continual basis.

Athena EHR Features:

In today’s changing world, Athena EHR provides the features needed to help practices and organizations of all sizes succeed. It is an intuitive, easy-to-use EHR and EHR app. Its features include excellent customer service, simple pricing, authorization management, medical coding service, denials resolution management, native telehealth solution, integrated dictation, extensive reporting capabilities, comprehensive patient outreach tools, open platform, and interoperability.

Athena presently has over 160,000 providers on its network. Users may examine the schedule on a daily basis and patient information on the EHR’s homepage, view incoming lab results, and manage orders. The billing module constantly updates and has a rules engine that can be used in conjunction with the EHR or on its own. Visibility into daily tasks, custom benchmarking, proactive trend analysis, and other medical practice management tools are available.

Comprehensive EMR:

Athena EHR is an electronic health record system that can handle practice management, invoicing, and patient portals, among other things. As part of their EHR system, Athena manages electronic medical records over the cloud. The user interface is incredibly user-friendly, and everything is set up to make entering patient information as simple as possible.

Patient Portal:

Patients may use a patient portal to look at their medical records, make appointments, pay bills and sign paperwork. Reminders can be sent via phone, email, or text message, and patients can be notified when their test results are ready through the patient portal.

Health providers, medical workers, and patients can communicate more easily using mobile-enabled patient portals. Patients can use their mobile devices to verify test results, renew medications, review their medical records, read educational materials, and even check in for appointments.

If you need an EHR that can help you keep your patients informed and maximize communication, Athena EHR has the infrastructure to make it happen. Appointment reminders, test result notifications, call-in support, and a digital patient portal can all help your clinic manage patient visits more efficiently and keep them happy with their care.

Mobile Support:

Both Android and iOS devices, as well as web browsers, may access Athena EHR. Patients and clients can communicate with their doctor, schedule appointments, seek prescription renewals, access critical documents, and receive practice updates through their patient portal account. Portal Connect, a mobile app, allows patients to access the patient portal. It’s a simple and secure way for you to enable virtual treatment to your patients and increase your business.

Medical Documentation Support:

The Document function allows the user to add or read documents for a given patient, as well as retrieve other sorts of documents that have been set up in the system. It contains information on a patient’s condition or medical records. The user can use this functionality to access, update, or change information about a single patient.

RCM and Biling:

Athena EHR is a revenue cycle management solution that combines scheduling, billing, and balances for hospitals and physician groups into a single system. It streamlines scheduling, increases your revenue, and allows you to focus on patient care while we handle your time-consuming practice administration responsibilities.

Clinical Decision Support:

Athena comes with Ephorates, a physician app that checks prescription interactions and disease treatment guidelines using big data and AI. This service can assist you in ensuring that no mistakes are made when writing prescriptions or making other patient-care decisions.

Athena EHR Pricing:

The Athena EHR software license costs $140 per month per provider. This means that a five-physician firm would pay at least $700 per month i.e., $8400 yearly. The cost of migrating up to 1000 patient records and holding two sessions of staff training would add $1000 to the first year’s costs, bringing the total to at least $9400.

The entire cost, like with most EHR software, is determined by the size and volume of your practice. If you need extra services to get Athena EHR up and running, such as migration of your existing patient files or staff training, the cost of adoption can skyrocket.

Athena EHR Reviews:

Medical offices that don’t have a digital system for handling their patients’ health records are becoming increasingly rare. Not only is having an EHR system necessary for collaborating with other doctors and insurers, but it can also improve patient care and qualify your practice for large financial incentives. Because it constantly ranks as one of the best EHR software on the market, Athena EHR is a popular choice among providers. The software has helped a range of small and major healthcare organizations achieve amazing results.

The reporting feature of Athena EHR has been cited by several users as one of the software’s most important elements. Financials, front office operations, billing operations, schedules, patients, communication, clinicals, and more can all be accounted for through reports. Athena EHR is an excellent solution if you’re searching for an EHR that allows you on-demand reporting based on solid data insights.

You can use Voice Assistant to get clinical information and accomplish important clinical procedures by using a hands-free device. Use Nuance to create high-quality documentation by navigating, reviewing, signing, and populating clinical notes with your voice.

You can increase your revenue by bringing on a partner who is invested in your success. Utilize Athena’s experience, network, technology, and data-driven insights to achieve your objectives.

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Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen