What to Do If You Crash a Mercedes Benz

What to Do If You Crash a Mercedes Benz

One of the most gratifying feelings in the world is driving a nice car, and it is even more satisfying to be maneuvering a sleek and classy car like a Mercedes Benz. Driving a car, though, is a responsibility. You are held accountable for what happens to you on the road. So what should you do if you crash a Mercedes Benz?

Keep Calm

Getting into an accident can disorient and rattle you. Keep calm and breathe deeply to assess what has happened. You have to have a clear mind to know what to do next.

Check For Casualties

The next thing you do is check whether the occupants need medical attention. Try and find out whether you or your companion need immediate medical attention or not. Your Mercedes Benz has an emergency call function that can notify the rescuers of your whereabouts through your GPS, to the amount of people in your car by identifying how many are using the seatbelts, and even the direction of where you are heading in the shortest possible time.

If you have determined the extent of your and your passenger’s  well-being, you can start worrying about your car. The good thing about owning a Mercedes Benz is that it has a creative feature that when it tilts in a certain way, a roll bar will automatically activate, which will lock into place making it impossible for the car to roll over. It will most likely wreck your car but will keep the passengers safe inside.

Contact The Police

Contact the police. Even if you and the other driver have agreed that you do not need the police, they might change their mind later on. When you call the police, you will have an official report documented that your insurance company might need.

If you are involved in a severe accident, calling the police will help you block off the site of the crash. They can block off-road and some parts of it to make sure that you do not get curious or angry onlookers stuck in the traffic you caused. They will help get the flow back on the road.

The police will also conduct their investigation to evaluate what had happened leading up to the crash. The time after the crash is very crucial for gathering important details that will let them know your side of the event.

If the police do not respond to the scene, make sure the detailed photos you took and every piece of information you gathered are kept in case you will file a claim or pursue legal action.

Exchange Contact Information

Make sure you collect the following information from the other driver, such as their name, home location, and contact number. Exchange insurance company name, contact details for your insurance agent, and license plate number with the other driver. It will also help to take pictures of their driver’s license and registration plate.

What Now?

After you have done your part in making the crucial decisions to make if you have been in a car accident, whether you were at fault for the accident or not. You can now attend to your precious Mercedes Benz. Your heart might have sunk a little when you went it dawned on you that you crashed your Mercedes Benz. Now, you need to examine every bit and piece of your car to determine the state of your car. Brace yourself.

First, locate the damages to your car and take detailed photos of the damage as much as possible. If you are involved in a car collision, get pictures of the other vehicle as well as the scene of the accident.

Do not lose sight of the fact that you crashed an expensive car so you will need to call your insurance provider right away. Calling their immediate attention and providing the correct details of the accident will ensure that you can begin processing your car accident insurance claim.

While waiting for your insurance company to process your claim, you might have to deal with the aftermath of the crash. Be wary of these possible issues to avoid getting caught in another accident or to avoid more damage to your car. Check everything from top to bottom. The list will give you an idea as to which parts of your car will need repairs.


Following a crash that you experienced, it is common for your wheels to need adjustment in their alignment. If you find yourself having difficulty in steering and notice sudden or noticeable drifting as you maneuver your car, urgently bring it to an auto body shop that specializes in your type of car, like the Mercedes Benz Auto Body Repair Shop in Houston or a similar shop near your area. The misalignment of your car is not only dangerous for traveling but it can cost unneeded expenses if it gets worse should you decide to ignore the issue at hand.

Engine Mount

Your Mercedes Benz’s engine has a rubber mount that secures the engine into the machinery. It absorbs any shocks and vibrations that give off the smoothness of driving. Engine mounts are necessary for your car to prevent harming the engine and improving the comfort of the driver. Although, these mounts will wear out– more so in vehicles that have crashed.

Body Of The Car

No Mercedes Body is safe from rust and corrosion, especially if the car has sustained damage and was not properly repaired. Inspect your car carefully for hidden rust holes or scratches. If you have observed rust, it is important to address it directly in order for the issue to spread to the other parts of your car.


One of the most fragile parts of your Mercedes Benz is your windows. Your whole car might function normally as you enjoy your ride until you try to get some fresh air and then, unfortunately, your window will not roll down. This issue will likely arise if your car sustained a side impact collision. The worst case scenario that could happen is being told that you need a full door replacement. In other cases, the part of your door can be fixed and the window regulator can be repaired apart.


If you crash the rear-end of your car, the damage may only appear on the bumper. Regardless of how minor you think the damage is, it is still recommended to have your car examined by a mechanic whose expertise is Mercedes Benz to determine if the car crash resulted in any damage to the frame of the car.


There is a possibility that the trunk of your car will malfunction. This is not unusual after a car crash since the locking mechanism is typically sensitive to collision. A trunk that opens suddenly without being set off is one of the reasons why you should get your car examined.

As if it is not unsettling enough that you got into an accident, there are a lot of factors you have to go over in order to make sure that you, yourself, your passengers, and your Mercedes Benz are not harmed. Not to mention the cost you have to keep in mind while looking into the result of the car crash. Take into account the tips mentioned above into account to  lessen your worries and, especially, your expenses.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen