What is the Limit for Carrying Luggage on the Plane?

What is the Limit for Carrying Luggage on the Plane?

In daily life, both domestic and foreign travels, we always have luggage with us. However, there are in-flight baggage limits. For this, the items we load in the suitcase must have a certain capacity. Otherwise, you have to pay some money due to the weight of your suitcase.

You can follow the date you want to travel a few days in advance and do research to find the most suitable flight ticket to the place you want to travel. Thus, you can come across affordable tickets from different airlines and buy cheap flight tickets. Also, there are two types of luggage on board. One is cabin and hand luggage, called unregistered luggage, and the other is registered baggage and passenger baggage.

Cabin Luggage

For the so-called cabin baggage, there may be a bag and an item that you usually take with you and the normal limit status does not exceed 8 kg for a single person. This limit may be slightly higher for the most suitable flight ticket for business passengers. In this case, the most important issue is that there are liquid-like things. Each of these should not exceed 100 ml.

What is the Limit for Carrying Luggage on the Plane?

These liquids are usually drinks, shaving and make-up products, and non-solid things like syrup. In this regard, only certified medicines and infant formulas are not counted. Materials purchased from the duty-free store should generally be in a transparent package and with its packaging inside. “en uygun uçak bileti

As a result of this restriction, it is not allowed to be carried as cabin baggage, even in a sealed bag exceeding 100 ml, for duty-free products that were previously purchased within your flight through European countries or the USA as a result of finding cheap flight tickets. Apart from these, you can take items such as a coat, topcoat, computer, bag, baby stroller and camera as cabin baggage.

Passenger Baggage

In general, each airline company has its own passenger baggage capacity for cheap flight tickets for international flights. In this case, Turkish Airlines offers a piece of baggage for the most convenient international flight ticket without charging 15 kg for promotional ticket holders, 20 kg for economy passengers and 30 kg for business passengers. However, these baggage allowances are generally valid for remote regions such as America and Africa. “THY uçak bileti

At the same time, as a result of purchasing cheap airline tickets from the cheap airline company, you are offered baggage allowance thanks to the low price of the ticket. However, there is a certain limitation in your cabin baggage for this. When you find the most suitable flight ticket, you can set and evaluate these free baggage limits offered to you without paying too much.

In addition, when you are in a difficult situation and if you have to exceed this limit, either the check-in attendant offers you an opportunity or you have to pay a fee according to the weight for the airline’s pricing application. While too little excess weight is usually not too much of a problem, it can be a little different for excessively loaded baggage and you will have to pay a fee.

Things That Should Not Be Taken In The Passenger Baggage

In addition to getting the most suitable flight ticket determined by the airlines, there are some things you cannot take with you. These are items that contain alarms or bags, lighting products, products such as explosives, flammable materials such as paint and thinner, items such as combustible items such as matches and items such as medical products that are not taken into hand luggage.

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Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen