August 16, 2022

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How To Select Bluetooth Headset According To Its Waterproof Performance?

Bluetooth Headset

Today more and more people like healthy sports. Running has become the best event. So more and more people will choose to run after work. Music can make boring running relaxed and comfortable, distract runners’ attention and relieve fatigue. Where there is demand, there will be a market. More and more sports headphones emerge as the times require. Today, we recommend HONOR Sports Bluetooth Earphones with excellent waterproof performance.

Users sweating during sports and encountering rainy days during outdoor sports will be worried about the waterproof performance of the headsets. The HONOR Sports Bluetooth Earphones has IPX5 waterproof performance. Users can exercise without fear of sweat and rain.

In terms of wearing comfort, HONOR Sports Bluetooth Earphones is light. After testing, the weight of a single ear is only 5g. It is easy to wear without any pressure. The three sets of earmuffs can be adjusted according to the size of the ears. The shark fin ear brace can fix the earphone to the ear. Do not have to worry about falling off when running, skipping rope and other strenuous exercises. The magnetic attraction design on the earphone can be easily worn and stored.

HUAWEI HONOR xSport has a variety of color matching, full of energy and vitality. Consumers can choose to buy according to their personal preferences. In addition, this sports Bluetooth headset has high-precision drilling and cutting technology. At the same time, it has high density CD pattern, fine texture and bright light.

Its sound restoration degree is high. HONOR xSport uses micron-sized composite diaphragm. It enables headphones to have better transient response, high analytical force and high reducibility. Reduce sound distortion and make sound rich in texture and distinct in level. In terms of sound quality. Several songs with different styles were selected for testing, the overall effect was very good. The sound quality is emotional, the human voice is natural and pure. Listening to clear and fresh songs is good. It uses an 11 mm moving coil unit to ensure bass can show certain effects. The bass is surging and vigorous, while the degree of separation is moderate.

It supports Bluetooth 4.1 and is compatible with mainstream Bluetooth devices on the market. At the same time, it can realize fast connection with mobile phones. Enjoy communication and music within 10 meters. Don’t be limited by distance.

Bluetooth Headset

In addition, HONOR Sports Bluetooth Earphones has high radio frequency sensitivity. It can effectively improve call quality. Headphones have three-key wire control, which is convenient to control calls and music playing. Equipped with USB charging cable, not only can USB be used for direct charging, but also charging treasure can be used at any time. Convenient and fast, the call lasts 11 hours.

The above are all aspects of product performance of HONOR Sports Bluetooth Earphones. It is better to act than to move. Buy and experience it quickly!