7 Tips for Decorating your Bedroom

7 Tips for Decorating your Bedroom

After a long and tiring day when you come back home, all you will look for is a comfortable space to relax. Your bedroom is your private sanctum where you can be yourself. Hence, the bedroom design should be planned very meticulously, taking every aspect into consideration. Do not just focus on the bed. Add other elements to it so that it looks very enticing and appealing. 


Whether it is a small bedroom or a large one, has an attached bathroom or a porch, here are a few tips that will help you to decorate that space:


Put Some Thought into Choosing the Colours


The best colour options for your bedroom are warm colours, neutral colours, and pastel colours. You can choose from these colours for all your elements like the furniture pieces, ceiling, fixtures, etc. These colours often help to create a comfortable interior design that stimulates sleep. While choosing the colours, ensure that they complement each other and make the space appear more appealing.


You Should Have the Right Bed


The bed is the prime element of any bedroom. Hence, it is absolutely crucial to buy a bed that checks all your boxes. Choose the bed size wisely as a large bed in a small bedroom will make the space appear too crowded. This will ruin the overall appeal of the room. Choosing a bed design that complements the other elements of the room will elevate its interior design. Also, make sure to choose a soft and comfortable mattress so that you can sleep peacefully.


Thoughtful wall Décor


Do not leave the walls blank. It will make the overall bedroom design appear very dull. Add some wallpapers or paintings to the wall. You can either hang them together in a cluster or separately. Other options include creating unique textures and patterns on the wall with paint for an abstract look. Either way, it will make the wall appear more interesting and beautiful.

Do not Ignore the Flooring Material


Although flooring options like ceramic tiles and granite are widely used in bedroom designs, wood, laminated flooring, and carpet are considered better options. This is because tiles and marbles feel cold, especially during winters. And, no one wants to step on a cold floor after just waking up. Also, tiles turn very slippery at times. If you already have cold flooring, put a carpet or a rug near your bed.


Organize the Room Properly


No matter what you do, a bedroom will only look good when it has been organized. The furniture pieces should be placed properly so that there is enough space to move around in the room freely. Make sure that there are no items placed on the way towards the bathroom. You may stumble and fall at night in the dark.


The Fabric Colour and Design


While choosing the fabric for all your bedroom items like curtains, pillow covers, bedsheets, put some thought into it. To give a contrasting look, you can choose warm colours for the bedsheet if the bedroom paint is a cool colour or cool colours if the bedroom has a warm colour paint.  Also, ensure that the fabric of the bedsheet is complementing the fabric of the other elements like curtains, window treatments, etc. Do not forget about the quality of the fabric. If the bedsheet fabric is not good, you might not be able to sleep properly. Similarly, if a good-quality fabric is not used for curtains, it might not be able to block light. You can consider getting a two-layer curtain as well. 


Do not Forget About the Lighting


The bedroom should stay properly lit when you are not sleeping. Common lighting fixtures for your bedroom include pendant lights, table lamps, pin lights, etc. If the bedroom is large, a chandelier can be a very interesting addition. The ambience of the bedroom design greatly depends on the type of lighting fixtures installed. 

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen