4 Apartment Amenities Your Tenants Will Love

Apartments near Baton Rouge are a great place to live for individuals who aren’t interested in buying a house. With so many individuals opting for apartment living, the demand for great apartment complexes continues to increase. If you already own an apartment building or are looking into getting involved in the industry, there are different connections you should make and ways you can appeal to a residential customer.

People want a lot out of their living situation. It isn’t enough to simply provide four walls and some appliances, you need to work to create a true community within your complex. When tenants are searching for a place to live, they have a lot of options. To stay competitive, you need to focus on your amenities and what will help you stand out. What perks can you offer that will make people want to live in your Apartments in Tempe rather than anywhere else? Work hard to make your services and properties as appealing as possible. This will help you grow your business and allow you to make better connections with your tenants. Happy community members will mean a better apartment complex for you. Here are just a few of those amenities which can take your apartments over the top.

Included Utilities

Individuals spend a large chunk of their income on their living situation. Rent is going to be a big expense for your tenants, and it helps to understand that. It can also be hard to see other costs adding up every month. One way you can help is to lump all payments together so it is less stressful. Try to include utilities, water, cable, or other benefits in the rent price. This way, your tenants don’t have to worry about what electricity providers will be best or how to choose the right supplier. You are taking care of the power supply for them. Helping with this electric utility is a great way to show your tenants you have their best interests at heart. It doesn’t hurt for you to do some comparisons to decide which electric supplier will be a great option for your entire complex, especially since you’ll be footing the electric bill.

Great Security

People want to feel safe at home. Therefore, security should be something you prioritize in your apartments. Consider having a gate in and out of your community, so only members and guests can get in. Or, if you are located in a big city, your secure system may look like an office intercom system. Guests can use two-way communication to reach tenants within the building through a video intercom before they’re allowed in. A video doorbell or intercom just helps you monitor who comes in and out of your front door so you create a safe home environment for everyone that lives there.

Community Spaces

When people are looking for a place to live, they are usually looking for more than just four walls. Some of the best amenities you can offer are the ones that make your complex feel like a community. Have a pool space and a workout center everyone can access. Maybe even consider a playground or a dog park for family members and pets to enjoy. Having these spaces make separate units all feel like one community everyone can enjoy.

Online Portals

Convenience is an amenity in and of itself. Making things easier for your tenants will be a huge perk you can offer them. In the digital age, that usually means offering an online portal or mobile app where residents can make rent payments, put in maintenance requests, and troubleshoot other issues. By sending alerts and notifications with these new features, you are keeping residents up to date and making their life easier.

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