Why Is Animated Video the Best Social Media Strategy?

Why Is Animated Video the Best Social Media Strategy?

90% of information retention in the brain occurs due to visuals. This is why animated videos are a powerful tool used in the marketing world by numerous brands. Furthermore, we all indulge in browsing through social media platforms and spend a notable amount of time on them. Hence, stumbling upon animated videos accelerates sales and makes the concept easier to understand.

Vision is a dominant sense among human beings and occupies half of our brain’s resources. We process information faster when it is visual. Social media is endorsing more visual content due to these reasons. In the USA alone, video posts have increased by 94%. This goes to emphasize the fact that the picture’s superiority effect is manifesting.

Why Use Animated Videos

Adding animated videos to your page/ website can amplify engagement by 80%. The likelihood of purchasing a product elevates by 64% due to videos. Of all the internet actions, people spend 1/3rd of their time watching videos. They are more intrigued by the product after watching its video.

Amidst such vast competition, animated videos need to stand out to gain considerable momentum. Numerous market players are formulating these videos to grab customer attention. They need to create unique content to lure more people in and get the job done. Engagement will amplify with the apt techniques.

Reading is not for everyone. However, some people enjoy watching videos over text. Hence video marketing is the need of the hour and is becoming increasingly popular. These videos help in lead generation and are easy to understand. Some people do not wish to engage with the customer service team to clarify their queries.

Having explainer animated videos can resolve their questions and also boost sales. The most notable rationale behind the triumph of animated videos over others is their ability to evoke emotion among people. It instantly resonates with the crowd and lures people in. The audience loves to follow a storyline, and videos are an impeccable way to articulate the message.

With numerous intrusive ads, customers are frustrated with their presence. These often pop up and might appear pesky after some time. However, animated videos are a relatively new marketing technique, and people seem to enjoy them. They pay more attention to them than traditional ads. A great example of animated ads is google doodles. They are nothing like the conventional ads and seem enticing enough for people to click on them.

Animated videos manifest superiority because, unlike regular videos, these are more enchanting, and the characters can sit, fly, walk, talk and even travel back in time. It is a whimsical world and appeals to the consumers.

TED-Ed is a youtube channel that creates animated videos and simplifies intricate subjects and physics but colloquially presents them. We also remember animation from the olden days where most posters would possess the animation essence. Studies reflect that nostalgia plays a vital role in the marketing world and exudes a powerful emotion.

Entertainment is always pleasantly welcomed, therefore so are animated videos. They are exhilarating and take the edge off. Imagine having a rough day and stumbling upon one of these videos. It instantly takes your mind off the stress and releases joy. Animation videos are set to rise and become a roaring trend in 2021 and in the years to come.


These are some of the reasons why animated videos are an excellent social media strategy.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen