What you should do in the apartment before leaving for the holidays

What you should do in the apartment before leaving for the holidays

It’s the time of the year to spend time with your family and friends. If you’re one of those people who are quickly packing up their apartment to leave for the holidays, you should take some time to clean up before departing. Here are some things that need to be done before leaving home for an extended period.

1.  Tell Your Landlord Or Management Company

Stop by your apartment before leaving for the holidays to let your landlord or management company know that you’ll be somewhere out of town for much longer than usual. If you’re going to be gone for a holiday, tell them to clean up the place and ensure there are no extra items in the tenants’ mailbox. If you don’t do this, they may not know what to do when you return.

2.  Figure Out The Parking Situation

It’s essential to figure out where you’ll be parking your car during the holidays. If you’re not able to find a parking spot near your home, you’ll have to pay for parking or ride-sharing services all the time you’re away. Be sure to tell management or landlords where you’ll be parking and how long for so they can adjust their schedules accordingly.

3.  Put Your Mail On Hold

If you’re planning on being away for the holidays, your mail may pile up. It’s a good idea to put your mail on hold during this time to keep from missing important notices and payments. Be sure to tell your landlord or management company that you will be away for an extended period, so they can hold and forward any mail that does come in the meantime.

4.  Arrange For Pet Care

If you have a pet, you might be concerned about how they will be taken care of while you’re away. It’s a good idea to make arrangements for your pet before leaving. They can stay with friends or family, or you can pay for a kennel or vet to check in on them for the holidays if need be.

5.  Adjust The Thermostat

If you’re gone for more than a few days, there’s a chance that the temperature will change in your apartment. It might be a good idea to adjust the thermostat before leaving, so it’s comfortable to stay at home during the holiday season. It also makes sense to finish cleaning the place before departing, so everything is in perfect condition when you return.

6.  Ask a Friend Or Neighbor To Check On Things While You’Re Gone

If you know that you won’t be returning home for a while, it’s a good idea to leave your key with a friend or neighbor. That way, they can check in on the apartment and make sure everything runs smoothly. It will also help deter burglars and bugs from entering the property while you’re away since people will be coming in and out of the apartment. Reading sunglasses and newspapers lying around is also a significant tip-off sign to burglars, so allow your friend to return it to you.

7.  Unplug Electronics

If you’re leaving your apartment for the holidays, it’s a good idea to unplug all of your electronics and appliances. It will prevent them from being damaged by someone who might be in the apartment while you’re away or from running out of power. You also don’t want to make it easy for burglars to enter by leaving things plugged in and in working order.

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8.  Clean The Place up

After all of that packing, you may be putting off the cleaning until last. However, it’s a good idea to put some time into cleaning up the place before leaving. Take the time to vacuum and dust everything, scrub the sinks and toilets, change all of the sheets on the beds and clean out your closets. It will help keep anyone from getting sick when you return from your trip.

9.  Prepare For Your Return By Getting Travel Insurance

It’s a good idea to be prepared for your departure by getting travel insurance. It will protect you from unexpected fees or damage to your belongings during your trip. You can also choose to add on surge protection for your electronics and appliances so they won’t crash or burn out. It will make any equipment you bring back to look new when you return, which will make things easier when you’re back in the apartment again.


Clean your apartment before leaving for the holidays. Prepare for your return by getting insurance and surge protection for your appliances. Try to do all this before pulling out of the parking lot for the holidays. Your home will thank you when you return from a relaxing time away from home during the holiday season!

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen