What to Look for When Choosing a Seed Bank

What to Look for When Choosing a Seed Bank

People are increasingly growing their own cannabis. In certain areas, home cultivation is allowed, and in some cases, it is the only legal way to possess cannabis.

This has created a strange conundrum in many countries where it is legal to cultivate, possess, and consume cannabis but not to buy it. Since there isn’t a sales mechanism in place, there aren’t enough seeds and clones to go around.

Growers are faced with a classic “chicken-or-egg” dilemma: seeds are required to grow plants, and plants are required to produce seeds. So, how does a new business get started?

Even if a grower succeeds in raising a fruitful crop, flowering and seeding are two very different things that usually work against each other.

A minor pollination mishap may make a crop useless. Many growers turn to seed banks for higher-quality, reliable, and dependable results.

We’ll look at why growers choose seed banks and what to look for when choosing one in this post.

Cannabis Seeds Production

Cannabis from seed supreme whenever there is a shortage of cannabis, the culture has traditionally turned to the age-old ethos of “just cultivate your own!” Although this is generally sound advice for developing plants, it is more difficult to apply to seeds.

Crop growing is far more advanced than normal gardening, and it necessitates far more materials and expertise.

For starters, you’ll need some marijuana plants, so if that’s the problem you’re trying to solve, you’re already up against it.

You’ll need at least two plants, a male and a female, according to tradition. A male plant is grown to maturity, then its pollen is collected and placed on a female plant early in her growing period to cause a cannabis plant to produce seeds.

Instead of using her energy to grow flowers (and thus the prized cannabinoids that thrive on them), the female plant will use it to create seeds.

When the seeds are ready, they can be planted, but the seeds that emerge will be a mystery. Some will be male, while others will be female, with each being a genetic cross between the two parent plants.

To get a batch of even potentially viable seeds of unknown genetics, you’ll almost certainly need to develop two complete plants that don’t generate any smoke. That is a non-starter for many growers.

Female plants can be induced to self-pollinate and produce seeds when they are sufficiently stressed.

This produces almost exclusively female seeds, which is where the term “feminised” comes from. Various methods exist for inducing female plants.

The majority of them necessitate the use of a chemical solution (colloidal silver is the most common) as well as familiarity with the technique, which many amateur growers lack.

Many Growers Turn To Seed Banks For Support.

Any pharmacy in a legalised US state is likely to have flowers from a dozen well-known genetics on the same shelf. How did a few landrace strains from all over the world end up in your local dispensary?

Just a few months after it first opened.The bulk of those plants, according to most in the industry, most likely came from seed banks. Seeds are preferred by growers for a number of purposes, one of which is variety.

Using a seed bank will help new growers get their bearings in the world of cultivation while also alleviating the stress of finding and growing viable seeds.

Although we sometimes refer to hemp and marijuana as “grass” because of their ability to grow almost anywhere with a little sun and water, growing high-quality hemp and marijuana can be a difficult task in practise.

Using a seed bank simplifies and streamlines a significant part of the puzzle for a good harvest.

Choosing A Seed Bank

When it comes to choosing a seed bank, there are a few things to keep in mind.

When selecting a seed bank, there are a range of attractive features to look for, ranging from variety to service and everything in between.

It is also better to find a bank that meets a grower’s unique needs and makes things as simple as possible, particularly when starting a new grow, so that time can be spent on what really matters: preparing for the plants.

Weed Seeds Express has all of the characteristics mentioned below, so we’ll use them as an example of what to look for.


A successful seed bank would provide a wide range of genetics from which to select. As most cannabis users are aware, strain characteristics can be extremely precise, so you’ll want to find exactly what you’re searching for.

Using a bank will give you access to some of the more interesting new strains coming out of breeders, and they can even bring their own new creations (for example, check out the marijuana seeds at Weed Seeds Express).

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen