Guide To Picking Easiest To Push Wheelchair

Guide To Picking Easiest To Push Wheelchair

What Distinguishes a Wheelchair from a Transport Chair?

People with limited mobility use wheelchairs, either manually or electrically, to help them move around. Typically, it includes thick, firmly built wheels and armrests that have brakes that can be used to stop the chair.

Transport wheelchairs, on the other hand, are PORTABLE wheeled chairs intended ONLY for SHORT journeys and transfers. They lack the components and design of a typical wheelchair, hence they are NOT intended to be used in place of one.

Pro Tip: Transport chairs are frequently used in hospitals to move patients between rooms or to their cars so they can leave for home. For more on our best foldable power wheelchairs visit Everlasting Mobility.

Do not overlook the “manual wheelchair vs power wheelchair” debate if you are in the market for a mobility aid. Discover each type’s advantages and disadvantages so you can decide which is best for your particular needs.

What Kinds of Wheelchairs Are There?

There are various different wheelchair kinds available, each suitable for particular needs and circumstances. Wheelchairs are mobility devices meant to support people who have trouble walking.

  • Portable wheelchairs

Of all wheelchair types, lightweight wheelchairs are the EASIEST to push. Its frames are built of aluminum and titanium, which makes them light and strong enough for regular usage. They have smaller wheels, which make them easier to handle and fit into confined locations. Also, they frequently fold up pretty well for storage.

  • Wheelchairs for Transit (small wheels)

The most portable kind of manual wheelchair is a transit chair, which has small wheels and a FOLDING frame. Because they are portable and lightweight, they are also simple to push.

Bariatric wheelchairs are also frequently used for Brief trips, such going shopping or going out with friends, making them the ideal option for people who need a wheelchair on a daily basis.

  • Autonomous Wheelchairs (large wheels)

Larger, sturdy wheels and armrests with brakes are features of self-propelled wheelchairs.

They offer a more COMFORTABLE ride and are made for people who require additional support and stability when using a wheelchair.

Because they are HEAVIER than lightweight wheelchairs, self-propelled wheelchairs are more challenging to push. These wheelchairs are also regarded as heavy-duty because of their BULKY frames.

These are some of the most DURABLE wheelchairs available and frequently have larger rear wheels, making them perfect for a wheelchair user who is a little awkward behind the wheel (it happens to us all).

Pro tip: Wheelchair users will find these chairs to be incredibly comfortable, especially if they have difficulties physically supporting themselves.

Which Wheelchair Model Is The Easiest To Push?

The simplest wheelchairs to push are those that are lightweight. They have SMALLER wheels, which make them easier to handle and fit into confined locations.

They are IDEAL for people who enjoy traveling and spending a lot of time outside of the house because they are lightweight and simple to transport. Finding the ideal mobility solution might be difficult.

Do Ergonomic Handles Really Matter?

Ergonomic handles make it easier on the wrists, hands, and arms by ABSORBING the shock of pushing a wheelchair. For people who routinely push heavy wheelchairs and for caretakers who must push a loved one’s wheelchair for a long time, this can make a MAJOR impact.

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Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen