August 15, 2022

Daily Bama Blog

Daily Bama Blog

Are You Ready for a Basketball Game in Your Pool?

Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to take the cover off the pool or, maybe you live in the Southwest and never needed a cover in the first place.  The kids use the pool but are getting a little bored with their floating devices.  It is time for something new?  What about adding a little more sports into the mix with portable basketball hoops?

Swimming is a great source for mom and dad to relax, but kids want to splash and play.  It’s great you got them away from their computers and video games now let’s get them to do a little exercise.  The same games you play on land may also be available for the pool like basketball and volleyball.  These two sports are even more fun in the water than playing on land.  Every one can dunk (no pun intended) the basketball in the pool and falling into the water is just outright fun.

The portable basketball systems for your pool come in a few configurations.  They use either one or two bases to which the backboard and rings are attached.  The base(s) is filled with water to anchor it next to your pool.  If your swimming pool is above ground, there are models, which clip to the edge of the pool.  There are also stand-alone models that you can mount into the cement next to the pool.  The more expensive models can be rolled back and forth as needed.  They even have backboards in your favorite team colors with their logo for those basketball aficionados.