Where Are Go Karts Near Me in Manassas?

Where Are Go Karts Near Me in Manassas?

Go-karting is a motor sport among motor sports. With the incredibly low bar for entry, just about anyone can partake in this legendary activity. The cost for admission is really just the cost of admission, unlike with legal drag racing where you have to pour thousands of dollars into a car to ensure that it’s both safe and fast enough to compete on a track. If you’ve felt yourself wanting a good race but don’t want to modify your car enough to go to a raceway or, worse, deal with the legal ramifications of illegally taking your race to the streets to get a race, there’s a good chance you’ve found yourself wondering “where are go karts near me?”

Finding the Race You Need

Many people may think that go-karting is just slow and tame, but those people also likely haven’t seen go-karts since they were still puttering gas karts. If you’re looking for the best place to satisfy your need for speed and get a good race, we’d proudly recommend  the indoor go-karting course right in Manassas. When the normal things to do just don’t work for you anymore, it is time to take it a couple of notches up.

This course uses Italian made third generation electric go-karts. These karts are a lot faster and more powerful than many of the karts of the past. They have 20 horsepower pulling them along as speeds of up to 50 miles per hour. They also have differential axles to ensure that they are as easy to steer as possible.

The course itself can fit up to ten karts per race, so you’re likely to find at least one person that will be able to give you the challenge you’re looking for. One of the best things about this course is their incredible sensors that can tell you your track times within 1/100th of a second. That means that it’s incredibly unlikely that they won’t be able to tell you who the winner is with absolute certainty.

Ensuring Your Safety

Many people want to make sure that themselves and their loved ones are as safe as possible when they take them out for a fun day on the town, and the indoor go-karting course in Manassas takes pride in doing everything it can to ensure your safety as much as possible. They’ve taken steps even beginning before they purchased their karts to make sure that they were one of the safest tracks around.

That includes making sure that the karts have a low risk or tipping or flipping, building the course itself to make collisions less dangerous, and even ensuring that each kart has a four point safety harness so all drivers will have professional level protection if they do accidentally crash into something.

This course does have a strict 13 years of age or older policy, but they do have a junior karting program with allows children 8-12 to ride around in go-karts and learn about go-kart safety that way they can have a good head start for when they are the proper age to ride around in these incredible go-karts.

Go-Karting in Style

If you’re looking for a challenging race and to look cool while doing it, the facility we’ve been speaking of will be able to satisfy all of your needs. With their Formula One inspired karts you can rest assured that you’ll look very cool for your entire ride, and 50 miles per hour is no speed to scoff at. That’s almost freeway speeds depending on where you’re at. Whether you’re looking to take yourself out as a treat or you want to show your family the wonders of go-karting, this facility will be able to help you achieve your goals.


Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen