What Drills Can I Practice With Basketball Shooting Machines?

What Drills Can I Practice With Basketball Shooting Machines?

If you want to develop and mature into a great shooter and an invaluable asset for your team, you need to practice basketball shootingat the highest level. Every coach, mentor, trainer, etc., know the benefits of practising basketball shooting drills. Even the icons like Ray Allen or Steph Curry always emphasize practising shooting drills continuously without fail. With the constant and unfailing practice of impeccable form shooting drills, MVPs of the game are born! So if you, too, are looking for the big league breakthrough, you have to keep this in mind.

 Why is a basketball training machine really essential for your training and practice?

When watching the mavericks in the NBA high-fiving their teammates after successfully converting every shooting chance, does it evoke in you an inspiration that cannot be described in words? Well then, you should know that those flawless shootings have years of practice and hours of workout sessions behind them.

 But do you know that you are in luck?

Yes, as a budding basketball prodigy, you already have all the innovations around you that will help you succeed if your head is in the right place; you learn from your mistakes and have an infectious attitude that ensures improvement.

Your school or varsity coaches might be immensely vocal about a facility basketball machineAutomatic basketball machines should also be a preference back at home, where you spend most of your time putting in those quality reps. Believe me, with the ideal basketball machine at your place or your basketball training facility, putting in those reps will be more effortless and hassle-free!

On top of it, these days, the state-of-the-art basketball training machine variants like the Shoot-A-Way Guns come loaded with practically every feature that would help you improve. These machines are designed to create a winner out of you as they help you with-

  • Developing your shot accuracy
  • Increasing your shooting percentage
  • Building your muscle memory
  • Generating reflex and coordination
  • Enhancing your form
  • Refining proper arc shooting, etc.

Shooting drills that you can practice with a facility basketball machine:

It is a common question that plagues most amateur ballers- What all drills can I practice with the basketball training machine that has been installed inside the basketball training facility or back home?

The possibilities are endless!

Basketball shooting drills:

The Gun variants by Shoot-A-Way are some of the best rebounders that you will find in the market. These innovative facility basketball machine types are fully-automatic and will also enable customization and personalization.

With the Guns instantly rebounding a made or missed shot and giving you a direct pass according to your preferred court positions, you can always practice basketball shooting without fail.

The following basketball shooting drills have become quite easy to pull off with a superlative facility basketball machine like the Gun by your side.

  1. Single hand form shooting drills
  2. Single hand form shooting drills with guide hand
  3. Set To Go shooting drill with continually increasing distance from the hoops
  4. Tuck To Set shooting drills
  5. Tuck To Go shooting drills with continually shifting your positions on the court
  6. Off The Pass shooting drills.

You can practice basketball shooting and put in hundreds of reps in each of the above drills. While your next-door neighbour is putting in 100 quality reps in 4 hours, you can achieve the same within half an hour! With the best basketball shooting machines minimizing the delays and the time-wastage, you can train hard and fast in the most efficient ways.

Free throw practise drills:

Free throws are an essential facet of each basketball game. Whenever a team earns a free throw, the best shooter is entrusted to take it. Taking the free throws and converting them efficiently will enable you to be ahead of your opponent and get a heads up in the actual game situation!

Coaches often integrate free throw shooting drills within other practice sessions. With a basketball training machine by your side, you can take multiple free throws without any extra effort. These days, the automatic basketball shooting machines come equipped with the powers of data analytics that come in the form of counters and trackers.

These help you understand the percentage of accuracy that your shots have and how your techniques and form affect it.

Certain automatic basketball shooting machines even provide you with a detailed stat of the shots made and missed. You will definitely find these helpful to improve your techniques.

Other kinds of shooting practice drills:

Apart from firing away at your automatic basketball rebounders, you can build separate shooting drills that mimic game situations and give you a taste of how it will be in real life. Incorporating basketball shooting with guided defence, block-fashion, etc., are immensely helpful.

Along with these customized workouts and drills, you can try out popular variations like Baseline Runner, Drive, and Kick, Drive, and Pitch Pick and Pop, etc.

 Closing thoughts:

With such an amount of versatility that each facility basketball machine brings in your workout sessions, you will get a dramatic advantage in improving your shots. With fully-automatic, programmable, and customizable shooting machines, you can maximize the positives from your practice sessions and continue upping your ante!

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen