What are the New International Rules You Should Follow in 2021?

What are the New International Rules You Should Follow in 2021?

Today, we can classify travel in two segments: pre-pandemic travel and post-pandemic travel. Although we haven’t neared the end of the pandemic yet, crowds are sparse at airport terminals and vacation spots are not a common sight anymore!

The way people have endured and adapted to living in these challenging times is thought-provoking. Yet again, it has been proved that humanity does not surrender in the face of adversity. Instead, we devised our ways around it.

Now that the lockdowns have been lifted, travel is back on the cards amid the new normal. Despite that, travelling now presents its own challenges. It is thus essential to adopt new travel rules to counter them.

Although these rules call for additional expenses, keeping safe should be your top priority. However, to make it easy for your pockets, many lenders are now offering a personal loan with flexible criteria. You can check with them for more information regarding the personal loan eligibility criteria.

Understanding How Travel Has Changed Post-Pandemic

The travel and hospitality sectors were undoubtedly one of the worst-hit industries in 2020, with social distancing norms and a ban on international travel.

However, airlines and hotels have introduced new policies and doubled their efforts to reduce the risk of infection, ensuring a safe travelling experience and gaining back the customers’ trust.

People can now travel safely on aeroplanes. No wonder many lenders have reported a rise in travel loan applications. Several countries have also released their own sets of guidelines to ensure risk-free travel for all people. Let us look at some of these guidelines below.

  • UAE: The UAE government has mandated all the people travelling into the country need to undergo a PCR test upon arrival. Some states like Abu Dhabi require the travellers to present a printout of the negative PCR certificate from the ICMR or any other designated laboratory. This certificate will be valid for about 96 hours from the time of sample collection.
  • Qatar: The government of Qatar has banned visas on arrival for the time being. Travellers are required to undergo a PCR test upon landing in the country. If the customers show symptoms, they must follow the procedures and guidelines of the hotel quarantine.
  • Bangladesh: Indian tourists arriving into the country need to fill out a self-health declaration form and submit them to the concerned health authorities.

Those mentioned above are some of the guidelines being followed by various countries across the world. Though the procedures seem tedious and costly, a little patience and concessions on travel loan interest rates can surely ease the burden.

The Bottom Line

Even though COVID-19 has changed the ways of international travel, business and airlines are adopting several safety measures to ensure international travel is no longer a cause for concern. If you also plan to take a vacation, you can use a personal loan EMI calculator online and plan your finances effectively!

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