Types of Machinery Commonly Used in the Construction Industry

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Construction projects both large and small scale require machinery of various types. Know your project requirements before going machinery shopping as by selecting the right type of equipment, you will have increased productivity and reduced risk.

Construction projects are labor-intensive jobs where you need material handling, shifting, and hauling from one point of the site to the other. For extensive excavation and earthwork, you will need a fleet of innovative excavators, loaders, and dump trucks as there are some situations in manual workers cannot accomplish the project.

It is important that you properly choose the best equipment available that is suitable for the job conditions.

Some important types of machinery commonly used in the construction industry:

Earthmoving Machinery

Earthmoving machinery is equipment used to dig, move, and dump soil. Every construction project includes earthmoving jobs from clearing and grubbing to excavating and dumping.

The most common type of earthmoving machinery includes excavators, graders, loaders, skid-steer loaders, scrapers, and backhoe loaders. The most commonly used equipment on site is usually an excavator hire machine or one owned by the company. Depending on your site conditions and the scope of the job, select the right type of earthmoving machine for the task.

If your job is in an enclosed area where heavy standard machines cannot go, you will need to rely on compact or mini-excavators that can handle such jobs without compromising on the strength and deliverability. 

Lifting Machinery

Material handling equipment is among the next most common type of machinery. This includes cranes, conveyors, hoists, and forklifts. A crane is the most common and is used in large-scale construction projects. A typical crane is equipped with an elevator, ropes or chains, and sheaves. Such an arrangement lets you move and lift materials horizontally and vertically. Contractors use cranes to transport goods, movement of materials and machinery in the construction industry.

Hauling Equipment

Hauling equipment includes tippers, dumpers, trailers, and tankers. This equipment is designed to carry bulk material on and off a construction site. A dumper is an open 4-wheeled vehicle that has load skips in the front of the driver.

Road Machinery

Besides earthmoving and hauling machinery, there’s specialized machinery for road and highway projects. It includes compaction equipment like vibratory rollers, sheep’s foot rollers, and pneumatic tired rollers; road leveling machinery like the grader, and pavement machinery like asphalt pavers, concrete pavers, vibrators, and bitumen sprayers.

It is important to fully understand the scope of work before selecting the machinery.

Concrete Machinery

Many construction projects include batching, mixing, transporting, and placing concrete. Such projects require specialized equipment for concrete construction such as concrete pumps, transit mixers, power trowels, and hoppers.