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Torrents VPN – Your Solution for Anonymous Torrenting

Online protection turns out to be tricky. If you’re a Windows user, it is likely for you to have “DNS Leak” which is known to expose your IP address. In theory, your computer makes use of the DNS servers of VPN. But there can be circumstances where your computer can revert to the DNS of your ISP while fully exposing your IP address – it is referred to as “DNS Leak”.

In case if you are already using some torrents VPN service which features inbuilt protection for DNS Leak, you’re good. Otherwise, you should either change the VPN or you should better add some third part DNS which isn’t connected to the ISP you are using.

The Most Secure Way Of Ensuring Online Protection While Torrenting

Many people often don’t want to get deep into details. However, the real paranoids are ever ready to run all peer-to-peer traffic through encrypted proxy which is then enrooted through the secure VPN. This ensures multiple checks and the usage of internet as well as the IP address becomes virtually undetectable.

Though it sounds to be too complicated but it’s not. You just have to connect to the torrents VPN you are using; make your account on anonymous proxy; then either download some preconfigured client or follow the guidelines for the proxy setups for the torrent client you are using.

So, when you have to download any torrents anonymously, you just have to establish a connection with the VPN you are using and launch the torrent client that you have configured for this purpose. Now all your traffic will first be routed through a proxy and, after that, through VPN. If somebody tries to trace the source, he’ll first have to breach the dual protection that you have enabled and there won’t be any connection logs available for linking the IP address to the actual location of yours.

Why Should One Use Anonymous Torrents VPN?

When it comes to anonymous VPN, it is the best way of ensuring utmost privacy when you are online. Usually, VPNs keep minimum logs, at least, for legal investigation or for service optimization purposes. An average user may not have any problem with that but if you are engage in some high-security field like banking, research, military, etc. or you’re a resident of some country which is politically risky then you are surely in need of better security. It has to be ensured that your VPN is really anonymous. Before you commit yourself to some particular VPN service, ensure that you completely read their privacy policy as well as Terms & Conditions.

However, anonymous torrents VPN providers do not log any data, URLs or usage. They also do not tailor your connection speed or bandwidth.

Some VPNs Do Log Some Information

Sometimes, it is legally required for the VPNs to log connection information and timestamps but as the same IP address is shared with lots of other users, therefore, that is not really a major concern.

So, if you’re a torrenting geek and are very much concerned about keeping it all private then making use of anonymous torrents VPN will allow you to browse anonymously.

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