Top 8 Benefits of Sleeping On a Natural Latex Mattress

Natural Latex Mattress

A good night’s sleep is as essential as a healthy diet and regular fitness regime. Research indicates that poor sleep produces adverse effects on brain function and hormones. It will also lead to weight gain, which will eventually lead to various health problems. One needs a comfortable bed to achieve the best sleep pattern regularly. Therefore, a natural latex mattress is the best choice to develop and achieve a good sleep. A pure and good quality natural latex mattress will cost a little more than the rest of the bed available commercially. But if we calculate the durability and figure out how much we are spending each night for good sleep for the next 20 years, we won’t be reluctant to invest in it.

Advantages of Natural Latex Mattress

There are numerous benefits associated with using a natural latex mattress. They are:

Back Support

The medium-firm density and the elastic property makes it suitable for all back problems. Latex mattress supports and maintains the natural S shape of the spine. It will not lose its shape and density for a long time as it is a naturally sourced product. This works best for the back’s health. The high responsiveness these Wakefit mattresses provide will give immediate relief to all the weak and painful areas.


These mattresses are the purest form of latex processed with catalysts during its manufacture. It lasts for nearly 20 years without cutting down the trees as they are manufactured only from the rubber sap. One can also recycle the old latex mattresses by treating it with a proper cleaning process.


Natural latex mattress stays good as new for a long time, and with the right care and maintenance, it can last up to 20 years. This is one reason why latex foam mattresses are less available in the commercial markets for purchase. The other memory foam mattresses are expensive and do not last long, which is advantageous for sellers. Therefore, it is rare to find an excellent quality natural latex mattress these days.


Natural latex mattresses are soft to touch and have a very slow or medium responsive rate. They are very responsive to contour the body better than other foam mattresses. These mattresses are also very useful in motion isolation which prevents a person from falling off the bed. Sleep on latex mattress also guarantees a disturbance-free sleep for everyone. Hence these provide the maximum comfort with no doubts.

Resistance to Molds

These materials are naturally resistant to all the fungi and mould. The natural rubber sap that is used to make the mattress is mildew resistant. It is also hypoallergenic and repels away all the dust, mites and other harmful allergy-causing substances. This is therefore very much suitable for people with lung problems and allergic issues. With these natural latex mattresses, one can sleep and breathe easy.

Low Maintenance

They need less cleaning as they are already dust, mite and mould resistant. It does not require any extensive and rough cleaning that will require finances. Only occasional exposure to sunlight once in a blue moon is all that the mattress needs. They face less wear and tear, which makes it more durable.

Appealing Design

Latex natural mattress is visually appealing which looks aesthetic. They have a semi-cellular structure with standard white colour and slight dips, making them look more luxurious. These mattresses are pleasant and soft to touch and looks brand new for years with low maintenance.

No Gassing Effect

As natural latex does not gas off with noxious fumes because it does not involve any harmful chemicals, it is best for having for a long term at all homes. The faint sweet vanilla smell it gives off with years of usage is the only smell it can produce. This makes it overwhelmingly welcomed by almost everyone as it is the best one-term investment.

Types of Latex Natural Mattress

There are two kinds of natural latex mattress. They are:

  • Dunlop Latex
  • Talalay Latex

Dunlop latex is made by pouring the foam into a mould and then heated it in an oven. It is then allowed to harden and then it is washed to remove all the debris without compromising on losing the elasticity. Then the foam is dried and manufactured into mattresses.

Talalay latex involves more processes and time to produce them. Here the foam is poured only to fill half of the mould. Then it is sealed, and the vacuum is used to expand the latex. Then it is placed in a freezer and injected with carbon dioxide to create a gel-like texture. This is further hardened with heat and then removed and washed to remove the debris and dried. These mattresses are bouncier than Dunlop and create a softer feel.

Health Benefits of Latex Natural Mattress

The indirect health benefits that a natural latex mattress provide to a human system are:

  • It regulates the blood circulation in the body.
  • It provides a healthy balance between comfort and support while sleeping.
  • It treats all sleep disorders like sleep apnea, insomnia, etc.
  • It tends to regulate blood pressure in the body.
  • It makes sure that all the vulnerable parts of the body receive the required pressure and support over time.
  • These materials are best used to treat all orthopaedic conditions and, therefore, be used to manufacture orthopaedic mattresses to treat the problems.
  • Latex natural mattresses are suitable for the spine to relieve backache.
  • It also reduces all joint pains and arthritis health conditions.

Closing Words

Latex natural mattresses are a one-time investment as they offer enormous benefits in our everyday life. They help an individual relish year after year with a good sleep pattern and ensures a high-quality sleep. It suits a wide range of population by assisting them in maintaining a healthy life. Because of this, it is extensively made use of in hospitality industry. These factors make these mattresses the best amongst various kinds of mattresses undoubtedly standing apart from the rest in terms of all the advantages they offer. No more worries! The significant part of a natural latex mattress is to sleep on a cloud of comfort and support.

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