Tips To Study At A USA University

Studying at a university in the United States is a privilege and a tremendous boost to our curriculum. The reason is none other than the enormous prestige of some American universities such as Harvard, Yale, MIT, UCLA and so on. They design a very complete program of studies where theory is combined with practice and the exercise of the acquired values.

For all these reasons, if you are thinking seriously about attend a university in the United States, we offer a few tips to fulfill your dream: from enjoying a tennis scholarships in USA with Rafa Nadal Academy to other possibilities to help you in this academic adventure.


Go with everythingready

Staying abroad or getting a scholarship in other country may sound a bit stressing at the beginning. There are many handicaps to over come such as language, or accommodation. That’s why we need to plan some things in advance and get ready for potential troubles.

This is the case of the United States, where many requirements are needed. Students do not only have to be admitted at university but they also need an excellent level of English (SAT or TOEFL exams), which must be shown in an entrance examination.Not having a good command of the language implies missing the rhythm of learning in an environment where assessment is continuous and where academic failure can lead to the loss of the grant.

Make of the sport your entry visa

Being a competitive and effective athlete in any of the sports played in American universities is an excellent entry ticket to these universities.

The philosophy of sport is widespread among US universities, even they compete with each other in high performance tournaments. As they are not allowed to pay athletes that make up the varsity, many centers come to provide scholarships (including accommodation, subsistence and course enrollment center) to recruit athletes.

Aware of these practices, few high-performance sports centers in America and elsewhere in the world have specialized agencies to handle the athletes scholarships to study at a US university.

In Spain, the Rafa Nadal Academy delegates this process to the agreement with I-Con Sports, a reputable international agency dedicated to find the best scholarships for top athletes.

Be highly competitive in your studies 

Sport can open a thousand doors, but you can  ensured your future if you combine both  high-level sports and academic excellence.

As we have announced, discipline and impeccable academic records are very important in American universities, so students should strive at quality at sports but they also need a high level in the studies.

In summary…

  • Don’t pretend to learn everything from scratch: go to your university destination largely formed and especially in subjects such as language (English, preferably registered with a TOEFL certificate)
  • Consider sport at high level as a good key to enter the best universities
  • Don’t neglect your training at any time: compete academically
  • Contact with agencies or entities which can help you in achieving scholarships
Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen