Tips for Hiring a Reliable Commercial Plumber for Your Business

Tips for Hiring a Reliable Commercial Plumber for Your Business

Plumbing issues can create major headaches for businesses, and what’s more, they can also cause severe damage to your ability to operate and serve your clientele. Bad plumbing can cost even more money and time. That is why you need a reliable plumber who you can depend on for both routine maintenance and emergency service.

Let’s review five guaranteed tips for hiring the best commercial plumber in Melbourne.

1. They Are Fully Licensed and More

The first thing you need to make sure of when hiring a commercial plumber in Melbourne or anywhere else is that they are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. It should be a no-brainer for professionals to operate within the law, but some don’t.

Licensing not only means that they are legally allowed to practice their craft but that they have demonstrated a certain level of proficiency in the field, usually having passed some kind of training course. Bonding assures that their practices are sound and within the law. Insurance means that if anything goes wrong—they break something, or their repairs cause injury to themselves or others—you won’t be financially liable.

Hiring licensed, bonded, and insured service people protects you, your business, and them, as well.

2. They Have Experience with Your Type of Business

Plumbing is a pretty broad field, and while all licensed plumbers have a solid background of knowledge, you want someone who knows what they’re doing with your particular needs.

Just as there are plumbers who specialise in or exclusively serve homes, there are plumbers who work primarily in restaurants and bars, hospitals and doctor’s offices, office and commercial spaces, and more. A great way to find one is to search online for what you need or talk to your colleagues who run similar businesses. Find out who they use and how it’s going, and then speak to them yourself.

3. They Can Do the Tasks You’re Most Likely to Need

Right alongside making sure that your commercial plumber has experience with your type of business is making sure that they can do the tasks that you need. Some of that might be specific to your space. If your business is in an old or even historic building, you might need to look for someone with experience servicing that kind of piping.

One of the most important things is making sure that they’re familiar with the makes and models of any special equipment that you use. Before hiring a commercial plumber, ask them to come out to your place of business and look at your equipment. Have an honest conversation about whether they have worked with it before.

4. They Can Be Available at All Hours

You obviously can’t predict when an emergency will happen, which is why you need to know that you can call your plumber any time of the day or night, and they will respond. This is especially crucial if your company operates outside of regular business hours, such as a restaurant or bar or a medical facility. It’s also imperative if plumbing emergencies could cause you to shut down; you don’t want to lose out on business because you’re waiting around for the plumber to show up.

In addition to making sure that they’re available at all hours, make sure they can also respond to calls 365 days out of the year. Some companies cannot close on Christmas or Australia Day; if you’re one of them, you need your plumber to be as well.

5. They Have a Solid Reputation and Good Reviews

Asking around, particularly asking your colleagues in your field, is an excellent start to making sure that you’re hiring someone who is reputable and reliable. But sometimes people don’t like to say negative things face to face, particularly about other businesses.

That is why it is also vital to read a lot of online reviews. There are many websites that collect reviews for businesses. Keep in mind, though, that many people are more likely to leave a bad review than a good one, especially if they have had a particularly unpleasant experience. Be cautious about them, and remember that online reviews are one-sided.

In addition, check to see if your plumber is part of a local chamber of commerce, trades group, or other organisation. If they are, that’s a good sign that they’re serious about their business and maintaining good standing in the community and with their clients.

Hire a Commercial Plumber in Melbourne

There are plenty of things to think about when you run a business. Especially if you run a small business, you must wear many hats. Don’t make plumbing one of them, though. By hiring a competent, reputable, and reliable commercial plumber in Melbourne, you can cross one major concern off of your list for good.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen