The Fastest Way To Identify The Causes And Treatment Of Toothache


Toothache often appears when the tooth nerve is stimulated. Sometimes the pain spreads to the teeth from other parts of the body, and the patient thinks it is a problem with the teeth. For example, diseases related to the ears, nerves, sinuses, and sometimes heart problems can cause this pain, and it will be very difficult to bear. Pregnancy can also cause dental problems. Tooth decay is possible during pregnancy or if you are taking birth control pills. In this article, a Vaughan emergency dentist will explain the causes of toothache and prevention methods.

Cause of Toothache

This condition will be caused by inflammation of the central part of the tooth, scientifically known as pulp. The pulp contains pain-sensitive nerves. Common causes of toothache are:

Tooth decay and infection

High-temperature changes such as eating hot and cold foods


Periodontal diseases

Tooth fracture


Gum disease



Tooth loss

Symptoms of Toothache

Everyone may have a toothache and abdominal pain, but some are temporary. This pain can be caused by eating very cold or very hot food, which returns to normal after 15 seconds. You will need to go to an emergency dentist’s office if your toothache persists.

Be sure to see your emergency dentist in the following cases:

Feeling pain when chewing

Sensitivity to hot and cold liquids

Bleeding gums

Swelling around the mouth

Sometimes toothache stems from diseases such as sinusitis, sore throat, earache, diseases of the jaw, etc., which should be taken into account.

Diagnosing the Causes of Toothache

Clinical examinations and medical records generally help the emergency dentist diagnose and choose the appropriate treatment for this disease. Radiography, often referred to as X-rays, can sometimes be used by an emergency dentist as a diagnostic tool. Sometimes an ECG test result can help the emergency dentist identify the toothache’s cause.


Prevention of Toothache

Most people can prevent this disease by following health tips and eating a healthy diet. Bacteria grow more in sugar and starch. So avoid eating too much sugar and starch. Be sure to brush after using these ingredients. Salad and apple is a natural toothbrush. Try to finish your meal with these foods and prevent bacteria accumulation and tooth decay by regularly brushing your teeth. Do not forget to floss. Emergency dentists believe that the dental floss correct use to prevent tooth decay and pain is much more effective and efficient than brushing. Of course, this is true if you do it right.

Fluoride is a natural element and is found in water and vegetables (a good diet has a huge impact on dental health). If your water does not contain fluoride, ask your emergency dentist to prescribe fluoride tablets. Fluoride should be used regularly, especially for children under ten years old. Be sure to use a dental protector to prevent sports injuries. Do not smoke. Smoking will have a terrible effect on your teeth.


Toothache Treatment 

The patient should see an emergency dentist as soon as possible to determine the cause of the toothache. You can use painkillers to treat this condition temporarily and quickly. Avoid eating very cold and very hot foods because it will make your illness worse. Emergency dentists usually prescribe antibiotics first.

Sometimes emergency dentists use local anesthetics to reduce the patient pain to diagnose the causes and ways to treat toothache after reducing the pain. Sometimes the pain site must be disinfected and evacuated. If the tooth is decayed or overly damaged, the emergency dentist will terminate the patient by extracting the tooth. Sometimes the presence of plaque on the tooth causes pain, which can be relieved in a very short time by scaling the tooth.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen