The Diverse Job Options in Life Sciences

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Looking for your next career move? Retraining in the life sciences could see you on to a winning salary.

Do you want to help people for a living? People that study any kind of science related to life on this planet, are people that want to help others, animals, plants, or even microbes. They are the researchers that develop new life-saving medications. They are the botanists that document new species, the biochemists who develop the bleaches and disinfectants that kill bacteria, they are the food technologists who discern how many calories you should eat a day.

Without the study of life, we would not be able to prolong our lives as much as we currently can. It’s no wonder then, that this specific area of scientific study is as open ended and diverse as the lives that it includes. Let’s talk about life sciences, what they are, what types of careers they give, and how much you get paid if you partake.

Types of Jobs in Life Sciences

There are so many roles within this bracket of scientific study that it is hard to name specific positions. One that springs to mind immediately are those rehabilitation workers who research the parts of the body and the mechanics behind it. Doctors, physicians, laboratory technicians, even zoo keepers – are all life science roles.

Why would you want to work in the Life Sciences? Careers in this field are rewarding to their workers. You are at the forefront of research or producing lifesaving vaccines and medications. You are studying germs or pathology or molecular biology. Every day is different in a role like this. You study new evidence as it arises, sort through samples, conduct experiments, and even administer life saving prescriptions.

Life scientist jobs come with good pay and many benefits. They often require complex qualifications, and sometimes even master’s degrees and PhDs. For any role in a university, there is the possibility of tenure as a research scientist. This would mean a job for life.

Where can I find Life Science Jobs?

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You can find job opportunities online if you search for life science jobs at Hays. You can upload your CV and let employers contact you if you are a graduate. Otherwise, you can peruse the potential careers at your leisure for inspiration on what to study.

What Do Life Scientists Get Paid?

What your salary amounts to as a research scientist depends on what your job involves. A research scientist makes anything from £25,000 to £40,000 in a year. This sum varies based on things like grants and stipends for research.

Botanists in Wales earn between £27 and £41 thousand per annum. If you live in central London, that pay rate jumps to £40-70,000 a year[i]. Where you live can also affect your expected rate of pay.

Biology science teachers can make between £30k and 50,000 per year, while university and college lectures make even more. Roles in life sciences pay well, and so they should. Many of them require a PhD.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen