The Best Hair Colors for Thin Hair 2023: How to Add Volume and Body?

The Best Hair Colors for Thin Hair 2023: How to Add Volume and Body?

Do you have thin hair that bothers you? Do you think your hair lacks the same body and volume as everyone else’s? It’s not just you. Every day, millions of women struggle with thin hair. But fear not—we have some advice for you! 

This blog post will discuss the best hair colors for thin hair. We’ll show you how to give your hair more body and volume to make it appear thicker than before!

A new color can do more for thin-haired people than just alter their look. The best hair colors for thin hair may give the impression that your hair is fuller. Your colorist can give your hair small accents of depth that naturally give the appearance of volume if you apply the proper techniques.

Is It Safe to Color Thinning Hair?

If specific safety steps are taken, coloring thinning hair is safe and might even keep the hair shaft from breaking. There is a misconception that permanent hair dye is terrible for your hair, but this is only true if you have your hair bleached or misuse the dye.

  1. Try not to bleach. You risk damaging your hair if you undergo a drastic color change that requires bleach, such as going from jet black to blonde. It won’t interfere with your natural hair color if you use it appropriately.
  2. Check the contrast. Choose a shade that is similar to the color of your hair. It will make thin hair stand out. Skin and hair colors contrast less sharply to draw attention.
  3. Consider salon color. Cellophane, henna, and vegetable-based dyes are the best hair colors for thin hair. Ask your hairdresser about products that don’t include ammonia or peroxide.
  4. Use hair toppers or extensions. This is a very straightforward method. Get hair toppers and extensions that alleviate your natural hair from heavy styling and coloring. Especially hair extensions, most of which are made of unprocessed virgin human hair, which can be colored or permed numerous times. Explore women’s hair systems from New Times Hair, they offer a wide range options for female hair loss, including all types of hair toppers, hair extensions,women’s toupee, hair integration systems, lace front wigs and more at wholesale price, click to discover:

What Hair Colors Can Make Thin Hair Look Thicker?

There are a few particular hair colors that work well for thin hair. Darker hues give the hair more depth and dimension, making it appear fuller and thicker. Avoid going too dark if you have ashen skin since it may make you look washed out. The best hair colors for thin hair are black, mahogany, auburn, and chocolate brown.

Does Thin Hair Look Thicker Light or Dark?

A colorist at the Paul Edmonds hair salon said that the natural hair will look thinner the lighter it is, so adding darker parts will give it depth. 

What steps are involved? This can be done with baby lights, micro-balayage, or by placing deeper colors under the haircut’s surface to make it look like the hair is thicker. Considering its contouring, despite being an optical illusion, it is effective.

What Are the 3 Best Hair Colors for Thin Hair?

Knowing your flat hair will fall out by midday may seem like a waste of time. All women should be aware of several common myths about thin hair, starting with the idea that you shouldn’t use a stylist to prevent your hair from getting thinner.

The best hair colors and cuts for thin hair are excellent for making thin hair look much thicker. The procedure starts with a volumizing haircut and ends with a color combination that makes people think your hair is heavier than it actually is.

It is a thing and is referred to as “hair contouring.” With hair contouring, dark and light tones create a beautiful style that matches the shape of your face and creates a pull-and-push effect by using shadows and highlights to give your hair stunning depth. 

Hair contouring is similar to cosmetic contouring. If your hair is only one color, it could quickly appear flat or thin. The harmony of tints, mids, and darks is ultimately what matters.

1. Multi-Tonal Highlights

A single, uniform color for thin hair could be a significant error. Why? All-over colors require a lot of upkeep. If you don’t visit the salon frequently enough to keep your color fresh, you risk having an out-of-date or light tint that doesn’t suit thin hair.

Choose multi-tonal highlights that easily match the color of your natural hair. You are free to choose the highlighting method you want to use! You can use baby lights, face-framing highlights, and balayage for fine hair.

  • Balayage

To get a naturally lighter, blended effect, batik is used. Although balayage is typically associated with turning hair blonde, it can also be used to dye hair shades like espresso, caramel, or pastels.

  • Ombre Highlights

The term “ombre” describes the process of mixing two colors. When it comes to hair color, this typically means using a darker shade at the root and a lighter shade at the ends to produce a dramatic, graduated effect.

The Most Stunning Brown Hair Colors to Try

2. Shadow Roots

Do not let your colorist draw a sharp delineation (the line where your dyed hair meets your natural hair color) for “shadow roots.” With the help of “shadow roots,” the colorist can create a subtle shade that blends your natural hair color. 

That means you’ll look elegant when the hair grows longer, and you won’t have to visit the salon frequently. A lower amount of hair coloring will cause less damage to fragile hair. Plus, it can save you money! Shadow roots also give more depth to the hair. Your thin hair appears to have more volume with slightly darker root shades.

3. Close to Your True Color

It is also helpful to select an appropriate color for thin hair close to the natural shade. It is essential when your hair is naturally lighter-colored or gray. 

The dark, rich tones may appear gorgeous on hair with a fine texture, but when your hair starts to grow out, the lighter-colored roots will give what appear to be hair loss patches. If your hair is naturally light-colored, choose shades that are the same or slightly less than the natural hair color.

Get Professional Hair Colours Consultation from New Times Hair 

If you want to change your hair color, it’s always best to talk to a professional. The professionals at New Times Hair can help you choose the best color for your hair.

Your skin tone, eye color, and hair thickness will be considered. For instance, if you have thin hair, they recommend going with a darker shade to help create the appearance of fuller hair. These hues will aid in giving the appearance of thicker hair.

Whatever your objectives, they will collaborate with you to choose the ideal hue. Make a reservation today and let them demonstrate how simple it is to achieve thicker-looking hair without using pricey treatments or products.


There are multiple ways to make thinning hair look thicker. What’s the best color for thin hair in 2023? To name a few, there are multi-tonal highlights, ombre, balayage, etc. The purpose of coloring your hair in specific ways is to make a perfect contour for the hair, creating the illusion that the hair looks thicker and more voluminous. 

However, you can always get help using hair wigs, toppers, or extensions to achieve instant length or volume. Hairpieces like hair toppers, wigs, and extensions keep your natural hair from getting damaged by heavy styling and coloring.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen