Taking the First Step to Decluttering Your Home

Taking the First Step to Decluttering Your Home

We are all constantly striving to be better than we were the day before. You should start your list of goals by creating an ordered area where your best self shows. What good is it to strive to improve when you have an overflowing closet, a doorway stacked with envelopes, a kitchen sink filled with dirty plates, and a pantry bursting with expired food? This is where decluttering comes into play for a healthy home.

Designating an Area for Documents

Our clutter is often dominated by paper. They are kept in various locations, such as on the table, in a drawer, above the dresser, or inside vehicles. It’s why finding things at home is difficult. Your business or home should have a specific place for papers, such as an inbox tray.

You might have received a letter in the mail, reports from school, authenticity certificates, warranty cards, receipts, notices, and flyers; always remember to place it in the inbox. Changing a straightforward thing in how you organize your papers can have a dramatic impact on your work.

Follow the 90/90 Rule

Ask yourself if you used something in the past 90 days and whether you’ll use it in another 90. That’s the 90/90 rule of minimalism. If your answers are no, it’s time to get rid of it. 90 days is a flexible period that may be adjusted to fit your lifestyle, but the concept helps determine whether a commodity is as essential as you would think. This can be especially helpful when you’re about to move to a new home in a few months! If you feel you still have a lot of stuff in your home despite decluttering, don’t hesitate to call any local moving companies.

Clear a Starting Zone

You must focus on a specific region of the room. This is a clutter-free zone for you. You can choose a counter, a table, or around a couch and placing a three-foot zone. You should establish a rule that prohibits the placement of anything that isn’t genuinely being used. Everything must be tidied up and stored. As soon as you’ve created a clutter-free zone, make sure to maintain it! You may now progressively extend your clutter-free area throughout the house, one day at a time.

However, there is a problem with trying to extend the no-clutter zone to your neighbor’s house and removing their torn underwear and unused exercise equipment while they are away. Simplicity, it seems, is not appreciated by everyone.

Keep Your Counters in Good Order

Kitchen surfaces are sometimes clutter-magnets. As a result of not having a designated place for everyday objects, mail and documents, a buildup occurs. What doesn’t belong in the kitchen should be moved, as well as stuff like mail or current work assignments that end up piling on the counter. Take time to relocate them and place them somewhere permanently. Even though these items are small, they can quickly pile up and cause a mess to develop.

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Adopt the Four-Box Method

Get four boxes and name them as follows: relocate, keep, give away, trash. Place each item in one of the boxes mentioned and go through each room one at a time. Even the smallest thing should not be overlooked. In the end, you’ll know how many objects you really own and what to do with them even though it may take a few weeks or months.

Do Decluttering Weekends

Some people may not feel like decluttering right now. By scheduling it sometime within the month, you can free up your schedule, and if you have children, they can join in on the fun. The more people who participate, the better. Prepare boxes and garbage bags, and make arrangements to send off donated items at a charity. You may not be able to clear the whole house in one weekend, but you’ll likely make significant progress.

Do a Pantry Edit

As the last step, wipe down the shelves and remove any expired food from your pantry to create a “blank slate.” You can have products that you no longer need to be donated or composted to a food bank near you. You should also take the time to categorize related goods by kind, such as sweets, snacks, grains, and pasta.

After grouping everything by their category, you can store products based on their frequency of use. For example, breakfast cereal should be kept within easy reach, while holiday baking supplies should be housed on a high shelf.

Final Thoughts

Any of the decluttering tips mentioned will do to start your journey. The goal is to make sure you enjoy decluttering your life as you take the first rung up the ladder. Behind all that clutter is a magnificent world of freedom and pure air. The method you use for decluttering your home is entirely up to you.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen