How To Stay In Shape After A Weight Loss According To Personal Trainers

Weight Loss

Now that you have reached the end of the weight loss path, it is time to enjoy your new body.

Maybe you would better not rush. Although you have the right to celebrate your achievement, you should also know that a new adventure has already begun. Personal trainers in North York say that gaining weight may be more complicated than losing weight through sports and diets. But maintaining a weight loss is definitely the toughest.

Why Does The Lost Weight Return?

According to personal trainers’ opinion, slow metabolism may be the main reason. When a person loses a high amount of weight, their metabolism slows down. Your body resists losing weight because it has been comfortable with being overweight for a long time. Personal trainers and nutritionists also believe that we all have a set point at which the body finds its weight in balance, and if you try to go below this point, your body may resist.

Hormones may also play a role in weight gain. Your hormones change when you lose weight. Your brain receives signals to produce more Ghrelin, a hormone associated with feeling hungry, so this hormone causes you to crave more food and thus gain weight. So a person may consume much less food even though his body tells him to eat more. This is the confrontation that leads to a slow metabolism. Also, if you lose weight with a very restrictive and strict diet and training courses, losing weight is very high.

Instead of trying hard to lose weight fast, start with a slow and steady weight loss diet, and have a personal trainer’s workout program. You did not gain weight in a single day, and you want to lose it all overnight. This approach can help the body better adapt to all the metabolic and hormonal changes that have taken place.

Weight Loss

Some Tips For Maintaining A Weight Loss

Do Not Stop Exercising.

Research has shown that people who have been able to keep their weight as normal as possible have not stopped exercising. They train for about an hour a day after reaching their ideal weight. If you find yourself exercising while losing weight, make it a part of your daily routine, and keep in touch with your personal trainer to get the right workout program for your life stage. To maintain average weight, you need to exercise regularly.

Healthy Eating Is A Lifestyle

Once you lose weight, your eating and exercising habits will return to previous ones.

When you diet or start training, you define yourself with a plan that eventually ends, but if you accept these changes as a new lifestyle, they will stay with us for the rest of our lives. Never limit your diet to restricting certain foods to yourself. The workout is also necessary for a healthy body. Personal trainers believe that taking a walk for thirty minutes a day would help you to keep fit.

Relax And Sleep Well.

Recovery after exercise with proper sleep and rest is crucial. Lack of sleep and high-stress levels can cause hormonal and metabolic disorders, making it challenging to maintain a balanced weight.

Accept Your Range.

If your weight is 85, it maybe 86 a few days after you go on the scales. Such things should not negatively affect you because weight fluctuations are entirely normal; so it is better not to lose your concentration and pursue your goal.

Never think that you will always be on the same weight. Each of us has our weight range, and our weight may change many times during the week.

A Developed Body- Achievable Through Exercise And A Proper Diet

Understand the importance of healthy exercise

These days, trend of exercising is increasing. Many people join the gym just to jump on the band wagon. Flexing your muscles and posting pictures of yourself on the social media has become a norm. People are racing each other to gain muscles without contemplating on the importance of healthy work out. These people fail to understand the significance of exercising. So it is therefore, highly necessary to exercise in a limited way and also not to solely rely on weight-lifting, leg-press etc but to also follow a wholesome diet. Following an unhealthy pattern can make all your efforts to go down the drain. Working out many hours, doing heavy exercise without proper meals, skipping rest days etc can make your bones, muscles and body weaker.

Nutritious diet

Along with exercise a person’s diet can help to achieve a better and a faster result. Following a diet plan depending upon the weight you want to achieve is something of no less importance. Your diet must be based on daily calorie count. Your diet must be based around the recommended daily diet according to you age, gender, the type of exercise you do etc. Proper amount of energy, protein, fats, sugars etc must be taken to support you exercise. A chart professionally made by a nutritionist is also an option for the people who are serious about their health.

Significance of exercise

Along with gym and proper diet calibrate your body to follow a healthy routine that includes work, spending some quality time with your family etc. Exercise can boost your mental and physical health. It will give a feeling of being more relaxed and peaceful. Lethargy will be something long forgotten. Also sleep routine will improve. People who follow a daily schedule of working out are more likely to be successful. Their emotions are in their control and they are less likely to suffer from psychological issues.

Gym equipment- for everybody

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