Smelly Urine

Smelly Urine

Urine is composite of water and waste products excreted by the kidneys. Urination is an important process helps with the regulation of fluid in the body. It also enables the body to get rid of toxins, accumulation of which is dangerous for the body.

The composition of urine is contingent on various factors. If you are sufficiently hydrate, urine will be largely composed of water, with comparatively less ratio of waste products. Therefore, dilute urine does not smell, much.

However, when the body is low on water, urine becomes concentrated, as there is not enough excess water for the body to excrete. Higher quantity of waste gives it a pungent ammonia like smell.

It is quite normal for the urine to smell if you have not been drinking enough water or is the case with the early morning pee. These cases generally get better with sufficient hydration. However, if the issue with the smell persists, it’s better to consult with your urologist in Lahore as it can be due to underlying health condition.

Some Of The Reasons Why Urine May Smell Include:

Bacterial Vaginosis

A type of vaginal infection, bacterial vaginosis leas to a ‘fishy’ odor of the urine. The smell becomes more concentrated after sex. Other symptoms of this infection include itching, pain, burning sensation during urination, and white or greyish discharge.


When you do not take sufficient water, your urine will be concentrated, and smell. Other conditions to identify dehydration include lethargy, headaches, disorientation, dry mouth, decreased frequency of urination.

People suffering from vomiting and diarrhea are at high risk of dehydration, and thus might have complaints of smelly pee.


People with uncontrolled or undiagnosed case of diabetes also have unique urine smell. This is because the body is not able to convert the sugar, and thus it tries to excrete it via urine. The excretion of the excess sugar in the body might also lead to urine smelling sweet.

Other symptoms of diabetes include fatigue, thirst, frequent urination, hypertension, weight loss amongst others.


Certain foods may also be behind the smelly urine. As the food is broken down by the body, certain substances may be produced by the body, which then are excreted via urine. They thus can cause foul smelling urine.

Certain people experience this after eating asparagus. Coffee can also be responsible for smelly urine.

Vitamin B6 Supplements And Some Medication

B6 group vitamins like niacin etc. can at times change the color of the urine and can also cause smelly urine.

Similarly, certain other medications can also lead to change in the odor of the urine. These include antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs and certain diabetes medicines.

Organ Failure

Another reason that might be causing smelly urine is organ failure. As organs are unbale to work properly, therefore, body’s functionality is affected. It is especially common in cases where kidneys are not functioning properly.

Consequently, urine produce by the body has a foul smell. Similar is the case with live failure; it too can lead to change in the smell of the liver.

Organ failure can also lead to change in the urine smell. For example, those with kidney disease


Urinary tract infection, as the name suggests, can be present anywhere is the renal system, including bladder, urethra and even kidneys. This infection occurs when bacteria gains entry into the body via groin, and thus is more common in people who are sexually active.

Alongside cause smelly urine, Urinary tract infection can cause frequent urination. It also makes urination painful. People have a hard time emptying their bladder, due to which there is frequency and sudden need to urinate.

UTIs can also lead to cloudy urine and can also lead to presence of blood in the urine. Due to infection, one can also have fever. In case the infection has spread to the kidneys, it can also cause backache.

In order to get UTI treated, one might have to take antibiotics. If not treated in time, infection can spread and lead to other problems in the body. Therefore, if you feel are symptoms are indicative of a urinary tract infection, visit the best urologist in Karachi for much-needed medical aid.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen