Recreational Marijuana Laws that You Should Know

Recreational Marijuana Laws that You Should Know

Legalizing recreational cannabis is in some states is good news to many. It makes it possible for cannabis users to purchase their favorite weed products. What’s more, non-residents can visit legal marijuana stores, buy and use the products. However, stringent rules govern the purchase and use of recreational cannabis. And it’s critical to know the cannabis laws in your state before purchasing your recreational marijuana products.

Check out the different recreational weed laws:

1. Age Limit for Purchases

Not everyone can buy recreational cannabis from cannabis dispensaries. You can acquire and possess recreational cannabis only if you are 21 years or older. For this reason, you must display proof of your age when making purchases. There are specific IDs acceptable by (TSA) Transportation Security Administration and are admissible as proof of age in all cannabis stores.

2. Purchase and Possession Amount Limits

In states where the use of recreational cannabis has been legalized, there’s a limit to the amount that you can purchase in procession at a given time. You can only purchase a maximum of 28.3 grams for dried weed leaves, but there are different limits for other recreational pot products. When shopping, the store attendant will guide you on product usage and how much you can buy.

3. Resale by Weed Users

You can share your recreational cannabis products with friends and loved ones above 21 years. But, you shouldn’t resell the marijuana products that you purchase. In all legal cannabis states, you can only possess the products, but any form of trade can land you in trouble. Besides, only legal cannabis stores can dispense marijuana products.

4. Consumption Restrictions

You can’t smoke marijuana everywhere. It’s illegal to consume cannabis in public places like restaurants, markets, and bars. Any business that opens its doors to the public bans the use of marijuana within its premises.

5. Driving Restrictions

Just as with alcohol, it’s illegal to drive while under the influence of recreational weed. Most states allow driving with minimal amounts of cannabis in your system. Once you exceed the limits, you risk prosecution in a court of law.

6. Limited Retail Stores

Cannabis Dispensaries Near Me stock different recreational weed products but require state licensing and approval to operate. Running a cannabis dispensary involves stringent regulations. You risk arrest if you run a weed shop without proper certifications. Some communities may also ban the sale of cannabis, meaning that you won’t find cannabis outlets everywhere.

7. Travel Restrictions

Although you can purchase recreational pot in legal states, you can’t carry them to your state. Moreover, cannabis isn’t allowed beyond TSA screening areas in any form. This then means that you can’t travel with cannabis on the plane. Even in legal cannabis states, airport authorities limit the possession and use of weed products in airports.

The Bottom Line

Several restrictions surround the use of recreational cannabis. And understanding this saves you a lot of trouble. Before you head to your favorite weed store, know all the rules, and abide by all of them. This allows you to enjoy the recreational products and avoid arrests by law enforcement officers.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen