QR Codes for More Eco-friendly K-Pop Merchandise

QR Codes for More Eco-friendly K-Pop Merchandise

JYP Entertainment, one of the ”big four” K-pop agencies, announced that they would stop releasing physical albums to become a more sustainable, eco-friendly company.

In their 2021 ESG (environmental, social, and governance) Report, the label revealed its plans to switch to digital albums to reduce waste from producing physical albums.

The company leans toward using NFC technology and QR code generator software to distribute digital albums seamlessly.

In the future, fans who purchase albums of JYP artists such as TWICE and Stray Kids will only receive physical photo cards and QR codes or NFC tags that will grant them access to the digital album.

Types Of Qr Codes That K-Pop Labels Can Use

There are a variety of QR codes, each one accommodating a specific type of digital information. The common ones are URL QR codes that redirect you to a page once you scan it.

What other QR code types can K-Pop labels such as JYP Ent. use to improve their digital shift? Take a look at these examples:

1. Audio QR Code

The audio QR code supports .mp3 and .wav formats. K-Pop labels can use this QR code to embed tracks, especially lead singles.

Once you scan this QR code, you will find a landing page where you can play the embedded song and download it to your device.

But here’s the catch: each QR code – including audio QR codes – can only contain one digital piece of information.

For mini-albums and full-length albums, K-Pop labels can upload them on a secure landing page or microsite and embed their URL within a QR code instead.

2. Video QR Code

K-Pop fans love watching exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of their idols’ recording and filming sessions for the tracks and music video of the lead single.

Agencies can add this as an inclusion when fans purchase digital albums using a video QR code.

3. File QR Code

The file QR code can store documents and spreadsheets, mp3 files, videos, and images. It can help companies replace physical photo cards with digital ones to reduce printing expenses.

Agencies can also use this all-powerful QR code to store posters, lyric booklets, and official fan chants.

Fans can then download these digital files after scanning the QR code.

4. Image Gallery Qr Code

The H5 page editor powers the image gallery QR code. This dynamic QR code solution allows users to create customized landing pages.

What’s great about this solution is that you can use code to build your microsite or use its drag-and-drop method to layout your images, text, and videos.

It has a ”slider images’ option that lets users add multiple photos. K-Pop agencies can use this to create a slideshow of their idols’ photo cards.

5. Social MEDIA QR Code

The social media QR code is a one-stop shop for all your social handles. This is one exception to the one-information-per-QR-code rule, as it can contain multiple social links.

K-Pop companies can use this to promote their idol groups’ official social media pages and their company.

6. Multi URL QR Code

As its name suggests, this unique QR code contains various links. It can redirect users to different landing pages depending on the four following factors:

  • The time they scanned the QR code
  • Their location
  • The OS of their device
  • The language used by their device

A multi-URL QR code can redirect a scanning user to a landing page set in the language used by their device. For instance, if your phone is set in English, you will find a landing page in English.

This multilingual QR code can significantly help companies deliver their artists’ messages and songs more clearly since fans would be able to read and understand them.

7. Feedback QR Code

The feedback QR code is a particular type of URL QR code that can instantly redirect any scanning user to an online survey or questionnaire such as Google Forms and fill them out on their devices.

K-Pop agencies can include this QR code in purchases to let fans leave their reviews, comments, and suggestions. It will help them deliver better and more efficient services in the future.

QR Codes: a Sustainable Alternative to Physical Albums

JYP Entertainment’s plans to use QR codes to replace physical albums is a great way to save the environment as it significantly reduces plastic and paper use.

And since more people now own smartphones, going digital through QR codes will provide them convenience and quick access to their favorite idol songs and merch.

With one scan, you can already stream idol content or play their songs and dance the night away.

Just make sure you’re using a reliable QR code generator with logo software, so you’re sure it’s ISO 27001 Certified. Your scanners’ personal data security is important, so it’s only right to get the one with the best security features as well.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen