Pros and Cons of Barefoot Walking

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Walking barefoot had been a common practice being adopted by humans in the past which was one of the prime reasons for their healthy lifestyles with minimum health issues. This being one of the reasons that in the past, the number of individuals contracting diseases was far less than that of now.

Benefits Of Barefoot Walking

The pros of walking barefoot have been accepted widely and the most straightforward benefit is that it helps crucially in helping us in the restoration of our natural walking pattern, as stated by a renowned specialist. Following are some of the advantages:

  • When striking the ground, better control on the feet is achieved.
  • A considerable reduction in cortisol level is reported as a result of walking on the ground barefoot that is an important factor leading to the reduction in inflammation and pain.
  • The stability of biological rhythms, especially the sleep cycle, is reported to be achieved. People who walk barefoot on the ground have reported to experience better and periodic sleep schedules. Perhaps, one of the reasons for irregular sleep cycles is this.
  • An increase in the red blood cells with a decrease in the white blood cells indicating a positive immune response is also seen.
  • The risk of heart diseases is also significantly reduced.
  • Walking barefoot reduces the feelings of anxiety and depression with a regulation of nervous system and coordination having a positive response.
  • Biological processes are also regulated.
  • Female individuals experience several cramps during their menstrual cycles (extreme physical pain). Earthing does wonders in this respect reducing the pain during those days.
  • Barefoot walking is known to relieve one of the stress thus causing a boost in his energy levels.

Disadvantages Of Walking Barefoot

Everything has got two sides; a dark one and a bright side. A few cons of barefoot walking are also visualised which primarily include:

  • Exposure to microorganisms as a result of direct contact.
  • Chances of contracting infection.
  • Chances of an injury.
  • Negative comments by the society on the ones walking barefoot.

However, if one contemplates logically then upon proper analysis, one can figure out that the pros successfully outplay the cons. Hence, walking barefoot is HEALTHY!

Is Going or Walking Barefoot Bad for Your Feet?

Things To Know Before Walking Barefoot

Walking barefoot is essentially fruitful but one should have in mind a few hacks that are crucial in making the whole thing quite a big success. Barefoot walking is a healthy exercise but there should be a few things to consider before going barefoot.

Following might help you people in making it a success:

1. Start Slow

This point is very important. Most of the people want to make a lot of success, the very first day which actually is disadvantageous. You should start slow with baby steps. Just as the adage, “Slow and steady wins the race”, doing less but doing productive is the key to it.

2. Try to stay Relaxed

The feelings of anxiety and discomfort might cause one to lose his/her temper. The trick is to keep yourself relaxed and relieved without anything bothering. Ease yourself up. Give yourself time.

3. Wear Comfy Shoes

Comfortable shoes are a must thing to wear. But the shoes for barefoot walking are totally opposite to what we normally wear in the routine days. There are shoes out in the market that offer minimalist pain to the feet and are perfect to be suited in both formal as well as casual gatherings. The comfy shoes play an important part in bringing relaxation to one. A refreshing experience it ACTUALLY is. WildBounds has got a cute variety of the comfortable shoes that can bring overwhelming joy to the buyer. So do not miss the chance and go and grab one now!

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen