What to Look for When Choosing a Seed Bank

What to Look for When Choosing a Seed Bank

People are increasingly growing their own cannabis. In certain areas, home cultivation is allowed, and in some cases, it is the only legal way to possess cannabis.

This has created a strange conundrum in many countries where it is legal to cultivate, possess, and consume cannabis but not to buy it. Since there isn’t a sales mechanism in place, there aren’t enough seeds and clones to go around.

Growers are faced with a classic “chicken-or-egg” dilemma: seeds are required to grow plants, and plants are required to produce seeds. So, how does a new business get started?

Even if a grower succeeds in raising a fruitful crop, flowering and seeding are two very different things that usually work against each other.

A minor pollination mishap may make a crop useless. Many growers turn to seed banks for higher-quality, reliable, and dependable results.

We’ll look at why growers choose seed banks and what to look for when choosing one in this post.

Cannabis Seeds Production

Cannabis from seed supreme whenever there is a shortage of cannabis, the culture has traditionally turned to the age-old ethos of “just cultivate your own!” Although this is generally sound advice for developing plants, it is more difficult to apply to seeds.

Crop growing is far more advanced than normal gardening, and it necessitates far more materials and expertise.

For starters, you’ll need some marijuana plants, so if that’s the problem you’re trying to solve, you’re already up against it.

You’ll need at least two plants, a male and a female, according to tradition. A male plant is grown to maturity, then its pollen is collected and placed on a female plant early in her growing period to cause a cannabis plant to produce seeds.

Instead of using her energy to grow flowers (and thus the prized cannabinoids that thrive on them), the female plant will use it to create seeds.

When the seeds are ready, they can be planted, but the seeds that emerge will be a mystery. Some will be male, while others will be female, with each being a genetic cross between the two parent plants.

To get a batch of even potentially viable seeds of unknown genetics, you’ll almost certainly need to develop two complete plants that don’t generate any smoke. That is a non-starter for many growers.

Female plants can be induced to self-pollinate and produce seeds when they are sufficiently stressed.

This produces almost exclusively female seeds, which is where the term “feminised” comes from. Various methods exist for inducing female plants.

The majority of them necessitate the use of a chemical solution (colloidal silver is the most common) as well as familiarity with the technique, which many amateur growers lack.

Many Growers Turn To Seed Banks For Support.

Any pharmacy in a legalised US state is likely to have flowers from a dozen well-known genetics on the same shelf. How did a few landrace strains from all over the world end up in your local dispensary?

Just a few months after it first opened.The bulk of those plants, according to most in the industry, most likely came from seed banks. Seeds are preferred by growers for a number of purposes, one of which is variety.

Using a seed bank will help new growers get their bearings in the world of cultivation while also alleviating the stress of finding and growing viable seeds.

Although we sometimes refer to hemp and marijuana as “grass” because of their ability to grow almost anywhere with a little sun and water, growing high-quality hemp and marijuana can be a difficult task in practise.

Using a seed bank simplifies and streamlines a significant part of the puzzle for a good harvest.

Choosing A Seed Bank

When it comes to choosing a seed bank, there are a few things to keep in mind.

When selecting a seed bank, there are a range of attractive features to look for, ranging from variety to service and everything in between.

It is also better to find a bank that meets a grower’s unique needs and makes things as simple as possible, particularly when starting a new grow, so that time can be spent on what really matters: preparing for the plants.

Weed Seeds Express has all of the characteristics mentioned below, so we’ll use them as an example of what to look for.


A successful seed bank would provide a wide range of genetics from which to select. As most cannabis users are aware, strain characteristics can be extremely precise, so you’ll want to find exactly what you’re searching for.

Using a bank will give you access to some of the more interesting new strains coming out of breeders, and they can even bring their own new creations (for example, check out the marijuana seeds at Weed Seeds Express).

3 Valuable Decoration Ideas to Beautify Your House in 2021

3 Valuable Decoration Ideas to Beautify Your House in 2021

It is true that 2020 was almost a nightmare for most people. The pandemic not only shifts the workplace but also forces people to stay at home. This means, that the boring walls, and the unappealing flooring, started gaining your attention. Most people started looking for ways to décor homes in 2021. Well, not every home requires expensive decorations, but you can beautify an old house within a limited budget.

From led ceiling panel lights to the attractive chandeliers, you can ensure that you bring the valuable decoration that sparks up your home. But one of the biggest questions is how to do it? well, you don’t need to be a home décor professional to think about the décor ideas. There are a lot of ideas to beautify your house in 2021.

So what are they? let’s continue reading this blog to know more.

Decoration Ideas to Beautify Your House

Everyone wishes to live in a home that is highly attractive and brings comfort. But not everyone can proceed to turn their wish into reality. This is because most of the time, the budget never allows people to think about beautifying their home. But don’t worry as this blog offers exciting décor ideas all within budget.

But remember, the first step that you need to take is always about calculating your budget. This will help you to stick towards the less expensive décor. Also, list down the things that you want in your home to act accordingly. But what are the décor ideas that you can follow? Let’s explore below.

1. Play with Colors

It’s true that white brings simplicity, but the home theme should be based on attractive colors that give an aesthetic outlook. This is where you need to think about selecting the dark and light color combination. For instance, you can easily go with the blue color theme for your walls, while the light beige color with your furniture.

However, if it cost you more than your current budget, then you can simply consider the wall arts. Currently, in 2021, wall arts are one of the most popular décor ideas to beautify houses. There is no specific art that you can represent on the walls but, simple wall art that represents your personality will look wonderful.

2. Create Focal Point

The focal point always grabs attention and brings an aesthetically pleasing environment throughout the room. But what to add as a focal point? The chandeliers, lighting and decorative showpiece can work perfectly. You need to get the chandelier or the spotlights that focus on the focal point.

With the help of the spotlights, you can create an attractive engaging look that will always bring charm to your room. Therefore, this can be a great décor idea to beautify your house in 2021.

3. Bring Nature in Your Room

Yes, you read it right, nature always brings refreshment and promotes a calm and aesthetic environment. Therefore, you can add home plant walls in your living room to bring attraction. Even you can use windows to get natural light that will make your plants look more attractive.

However, you need to select the specific home plants, that can go with the wall without hassles. Remember, you need to set a build-in plant wall that never takes more storage space.

What Are Some Fun Things to do Near Me in Birmingham?

What Are Some Fun Things to do Near Me in Birmingham?

The last thing you want is to be bored in Birmingham, Alabama. If you’ve got some time on your hands and are thinking “I wish I knew what the things to do near me were.” You’re in luck. Today we’re going to take a look at some incredibly fun activities that you can do alone, with your family, friends, or even with your date! Birmingham is a great place to go out and have some fun while also creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Do you Have a Need for Speed?

If you have a need for speed than Birmingham happens to have one of the best options to help quell your boredom. That comes in the form of Birmingham’s own indoor go-karting course. This course has cutting edge genuine Italian 3rd generation electric go-karts. These carts accelerate very quickly and can even push 50 miles per hour! They’re entirely designed for performance, so you know that taking corners is a walk in the park.

The course can host up to 10 carts at a time so if you’re looking to race it’s incredibly easy to do so. In fact, the courses are hooked up with advanced sensors that can tell you your lap time within 1/100th of a second. That’s a seriously accurate reading for your lap time.

These karts are also incredibly safe, especially when compared to old school gas karts. Because they’re electric they don’t have the same emissions as gas karts which means they’re perfectly safe to drive inside, they have a professional grade 4 point safety harness, and the course is fitting with very safeguard rails so even if you do crash into them, you’ll likely be fine.

On top of all of that, you’ll be given a helmet to race in so you don’t injure your skull if you accidentally wipe out. The facility also has an incredibly high standard of sanitation to help keep you safe from COVID-19.

Do you Like Games?

There are a lot of games in the world, but have you ever tried axe throwing? Many people that have tried it have absolutely loved the experience they had, and the facility in Birmingham will provide you with a coach to ensure that you have good technique. Proper technique not only allows you better throws but can help protect your body from injury. After all, some parts of our body are very easy to throw out.

Throwing axes is a great test of a few skills, namely strength and accuracy. It takes a good deal of force to get the axe to stick into the board, and accuracy it required to score high on the target. Throwing axes as a game is comparable to darts in a lot of ways. You have a board you need to hit and different parts of the board are worth a different amount of points. This activity is typically best done with friends so you can have a little friendly competition, but if you’re a talented axe thrower you could always try to join the world axe throwing league and compete against other talented axe throwers.

Finding a Good Way to Spend Your Time

There’s never a dull moment in Birmingham, and there are plenty of things to do. That is if you know where to look to have some fun. Between the go-kart track and all of the other great attractions you could easily drown out your boredom any day of the week. The best part about the go-kart track and the axe throwing facility is that they’re in the same building, so that means if you schedule it right you could do both in the same day and just have a great amount of fun.

Online conference with Maryam Rajavi and members of the European Parliament – April 2021

Online conference with Maryam Rajavi and members of the European Parliament – April 2021

At the invitation of the Friends of Free Iran intergroup in the European Parliament, an online conference was held with several MEPs. The conference focused on several topics including the degradation of human rights in Iran, the instability of the regime and the nationwide electoral boycott. It was also an opportunity to address the duties of the European Union in this situation.

Around ten MEPs, as well as Alejo Vidal-Quadras, president of the In Search of Justice international committee, spoke on the online conference. They supported the 10-point plan of Maryam Rajavi, president-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) and leader of MEK Iran. They also insisted on the need for the EU to adopt a firm policy against the Iranian regime.

At this conference, Maryam Rajavi addressed few topics, including the human rights and the volatile situation in Iran.

The human rights situation in Iran

In the past three decades the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) has recorded and reported human rights violations in Iran to UN Special Rapporteurs, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Amnesty International and other international human rights organisations.

Women are doubly oppressed. Iranian regime’s has been discriminating women and suppressing all and every voice of freedom.

As it has been reported from MEK Iran, the largest Iranian opposition group, hundreds of political prisoners and people, arrested during demonstrations, are subjected to the most violent tortures, without anyone knowing their fate.

Iranians are struggling for their human rights. They are actively organizing strikes and protests with the help of the opposition group, MEK Iran.

The very volatile situation in Iran

On their YouTube channel, Maryam Rajavi has pointed out that the regime is facing several crises from which it cannot escape. Due to its mismanagement, embezzlement, and corruption, economic infrastructure has been destroyed. Rajavi claimed that the regime has taken no action to deal with the coronavirus and described it as a blessing, in order to used it as a barrier against popular discontent and uprisings.

The objective conditions for change exist. During the uprisings of 2017 and 2019, the Iranians, many of them members of MEK Iran, displayed their desire for change and rejected the regime in its entirety by chanting “reformers, hardliners, the game is now over”.

Iranians have shown their desire for a democratically elected republic, rejecting all forms of dictatorship, as evidenced by the slogans: “Down with the tyrant, be it shah or mullah”.

Iranian people want a democratic Iran based on free elections, the separation of religion and state, the abolition of the death penalty, gender equality and a non-nuclear Iran.

There is no doubt that the Iranian people and their Resistance, assisted by the MEK Iran, will overthrow this regime and that democracy will be established in Iran.

A resolution on Iran was announced recently by members of the US House of Representatives, which was supported by the majority of them. The resolution expresses the sentiment of Congress in the first 100 days of the new administration and comes at the right time.

In this resolution, the representatives stand alongside the Iranian people in their legitimate struggle against the oppressive and corrupt regime. Maryam Rajavi claimed that they recognize the rights of the Iranian people to establish a democratic republic in Iran based on the separation of religion and state.

CBSE Class 10 Science Notes and NCERT Solutions

Auto Draft

Get the most up-to-date CBSE Class 10 Science Notes and NCERT Solutions here. Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are all taught in a single notes book for the 10th grade. Science is a concept-based topic, therefore we’ve given Class 10 Science Notes in an easy-to-understand format so that you can grasp the concepts and topics with any trouble. All topics in class 10 Science will be covered with the aid of notes. The NCERT Science Revision Notes would also assist in better understanding of the chapters as it contains essential points for revision in a limited period of time. Few of the major subjects in the NCERT solutions and their overviews are given below:

Chemical Equations and Reactions:

Writing chemical equations, as well as writing and balancing chemical equations, is covered in Chapter 1 of Class 10. Students also learn the fundamentals of chemical reactions, their forms, and the effects of a chemical oxidation reaction in our everyday lives in this chapter. This solution offers an outline of the chapter’s key concepts and assists you in becoming familiar with important topics such as writing and balancing chemical equations.

Acid Bases And Salts:

Students will learn about the origin and behaviour of acids, bases, and salts in this chapter. This chapter focuses on the chemical structure of acids, bases, and salts, as well as their reactions with metals, non-metals, and other elements. This chapter is particularly interesting since it includes a number of realistic experiments that will assist you in learning the fundamentals.

Metals and Non Metals:

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Science Chapter 3, Metals and non-metals assists students in fully comprehending concepts presented in the textbook. NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Science includes answers to all of the questions at the end of each chapter, as well as questions within each chapter.

Carbon and Its Compounds:

Subject experts at Doubtnut, who are highly qualified, created these NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Science. The solutions developed are genuine, and students can use them as a guide to help them prepare for their exams. The material is simple and straightforward, making it simple to comprehend. The principles are illustrated using diagrams, key points to recall, a step-by-step method, numerical problem shortcuts, and formula and chemical reaction memory tricks.

Periodic Classification Of Elements:

We learned in the previous standard that matter exists in the form of elements, compounds, and mixtures, with elements containing only one sort of atom. Early attempts to classify elements culminated in the division of known elements into metals and non-metals.

Life Processes:

Life processes are explained in NCERT Class 10 Science Chapter 6. All living organisms go through six different life cycles. Movement, respiration, development, reproduction, excretion, and nutrition are the six functions. The chapter covers nutrition, which is described as the process of ingesting food and converting it into energy for growth, metabolism, and repair. Ingestion, digestion, absorption, transport, assimilation, and excretion are the nutritional levels.

Control And Coordination:

Control and balance are roles of the nervous system and hormones in our bodies, according to Chapter 7 of Class 10. The nervous system’s responses can be categorized as reflexes, voluntary actions, or involuntary actions. Electrical impulses are used by the nervous system to send messages. It receives information from our sense organs and acts on that information through our muscles. Plants and animals both have chemical coordination. To achieve the desired result, hormones generated in one part of an organism travel to another.

How do Organisms Reproduce? :

Reproduction, unlike other life processes, is not needed for an individual organism’s survival. The cell involved in the process creates a DNA duplicate as well as additional cellular apparatus. Various species use different forms of reproduction depending on their body architecture. Many bacteria and protozoa split into two or more daughter cells in fission.

Heredity And Evolution:

We’ve seen how reproductive processes produce new people who are identical but slightly different. We’ve spoken about how even during asexual reproduction, there is some difference. The Rules for Human Trait Inheritance are based on the fact that both the father and mother contribute nearly equal quantities of genetic material to the foetus. This means that both paternal and maternal DNA will influence each trait.

Employing a Roofing Contractor Company Tips

Employing a Roofing Contractor Company Tips

At the point when the opportunity arrives for your rooftop shingles to be supplanted you can typically begin to see them chipping or eroding over the long run. On the off chance that the circumstance is extreme you can even notification material shingles on your grass. When settling on the shading and surface of your picked rooftop material, it is essential to contemplate the way that the rooftop tone is a perpetual and enduring choice. While thinking about your rooftop alternatives, you should consider the character and season of development of your home and whether you need to keep up a similar style or accept the open door to investigate another and new bed!

A few indications of a private rooftop in deterioration can be uncovered pressed wood or a fume boundary. Regardless of whether you are redesigning a home as a venture or you are simply needing another rooftop it is critical to consider the wellbeing advantages of employing an expert material worker for hire section doing this kind of work yourself. Trust me and gain from my error in endeavoring to DIY my rooftop fix in my speculation property.

Some of The Time When It Rains, It Pours

Holes and water harm can be a considerably more noteworthy cost that can be finished forestalled with appropriate substitution of shingles. As a modeler myself, I can challenge that rooftops are maybe the most pivotal and instinctual plan component. When buying an old home or getting an expansion to your home you ought to think about the money saving advantages and confirmation of a quality worker for hire.

Recruit A Licensed Roofing Contractor for The Job

You will express gratitude toward me later for taking this counsel. This is critical to guarantee that the lawful attributions of material fix and establishment are sponsored by the wellbeing of nearby construction laws. This is a simple cycle for a nearby business to set up its essence locally.

Go for a Local Roofing Contractor

This is a significant hint in light of the fact that the neighborhood project workers are the most knowledgeable about the sorts of material development techniques that can contrast enormously relying upon the geographic attributes. On the East Coast of the Atlantic, there are numerous enormous and lovely neo-Victorian rural houses that offer tall and steeply inclining rooftops to most productively shedding water, snow, and even ice.

The nearby material project worker in the Ridgefield and Woodbridge spaces of rural CT that I would suggest is Inver Grove Heights Roofing Contractors. They are knowledgeable about fusing the bespoke characteristics of material decision and polished methodology.

The 8 Most Common Causes of Roof Damage

Search for Experienced Roofing Contractors

Seeing on the web tributes or surveys from other openly facilitated audit locales are a decent method to guarantee that you won’t be exploited monetarily or by the nature of the new private rooftop. It could be more agreeable to go with “Jo-Shmo” from down the road however without a set up online presence you can’t demonstrate that the quality is great.

Where Are Go Karts Near Me in Manassas?

Where Are Go Karts Near Me in Manassas?

Go-karting is a motor sport among motor sports. With the incredibly low bar for entry, just about anyone can partake in this legendary activity. The cost for admission is really just the cost of admission, unlike with legal drag racing where you have to pour thousands of dollars into a car to ensure that it’s both safe and fast enough to compete on a track. If you’ve felt yourself wanting a good race but don’t want to modify your car enough to go to a raceway or, worse, deal with the legal ramifications of illegally taking your race to the streets to get a race, there’s a good chance you’ve found yourself wondering “where are go karts near me?”

Finding the Race You Need

Many people may think that go-karting is just slow and tame, but those people also likely haven’t seen go-karts since they were still puttering gas karts. If you’re looking for the best place to satisfy your need for speed and get a good race, we’d proudly recommend  the indoor go-karting course right in Manassas. When the normal things to do just don’t work for you anymore, it is time to take it a couple of notches up.

This course uses Italian made third generation electric go-karts. These karts are a lot faster and more powerful than many of the karts of the past. They have 20 horsepower pulling them along as speeds of up to 50 miles per hour. They also have differential axles to ensure that they are as easy to steer as possible.

The course itself can fit up to ten karts per race, so you’re likely to find at least one person that will be able to give you the challenge you’re looking for. One of the best things about this course is their incredible sensors that can tell you your track times within 1/100th of a second. That means that it’s incredibly unlikely that they won’t be able to tell you who the winner is with absolute certainty.

Ensuring Your Safety

Many people want to make sure that themselves and their loved ones are as safe as possible when they take them out for a fun day on the town, and the indoor go-karting course in Manassas takes pride in doing everything it can to ensure your safety as much as possible. They’ve taken steps even beginning before they purchased their karts to make sure that they were one of the safest tracks around.

That includes making sure that the karts have a low risk or tipping or flipping, building the course itself to make collisions less dangerous, and even ensuring that each kart has a four point safety harness so all drivers will have professional level protection if they do accidentally crash into something.

This course does have a strict 13 years of age or older policy, but they do have a junior karting program with allows children 8-12 to ride around in go-karts and learn about go-kart safety that way they can have a good head start for when they are the proper age to ride around in these incredible go-karts.

Go-Karting in Style

If you’re looking for a challenging race and to look cool while doing it, the facility we’ve been speaking of will be able to satisfy all of your needs. With their Formula One inspired karts you can rest assured that you’ll look very cool for your entire ride, and 50 miles per hour is no speed to scoff at. That’s almost freeway speeds depending on where you’re at. Whether you’re looking to take yourself out as a treat or you want to show your family the wonders of go-karting, this facility will be able to help you achieve your goals.


Introduction of Porcelain Paving Wholesalers in The Uk

Porcelain Paving Wholesalers

Do you want to learn more about Porcelain Paving slabs before you buy? If so, we will introduce the porcelain paving industry in the UK and outline some of our most popular options that you can check out further down on this article that we hope you will like and can give you some direction on the right solutions for your own home and garden needs.

Things You Should Know About Porcelain Paving

Origin — Italy was originally the market leader for quality and design. Now, well designed, good quality product can be also be sourced from India and China where European influence and guidance have been sought to raise the quality of production in these countries. This has enabled the introduction of good quality product at a less expensive price.

Strength — Because of the state-of-the-art manufacturing process, porcelain is incredibly strong and can easily withstand high levels of footfall. The tiles can also take the weight of vehicles and heavy loads, making it a great option for driveways too. Outdoor porcelain tiles will easily withstand any extreme or severe weather conditions without being damaged and are sure to provide a strong and sturdy base to your project.

Maintenance — Due to the pressure and high temperatures, the slabs are non-porous and will absorb little to no water. This stops any moisture from building up within the tiles and will help to prevent the growth of algae and mould, giving the porcelain some of its low-maintenance benefits. This will also prevent any water from freezing inside the tiles which will mean that porcelain won’t be susceptible to cracking during the winter.

Safety — Outdoor porcelain tiles are suitable for use in any area which is likely to see rain and can even be used in bathrooms and around swimming pools or water features without becoming slippery.

Consistency — Suited to the British climate, porcelain patio slabs will withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions without being susceptible to damage or becoming too hot underfoot in the sun.

Porcelain Paving is Popular in the UK

Porcelain paving, also known as ceramic or vitrified paving, is the latest buzzword for the outdour landscape industry in the UK and many in the trade think it could well become a significant format, taking as much as 20% of market share, in the years ahead.

In UK, porcelain paving is the latest material to become popular for garden Landscaping projects. The dizzying array of colors and finishes available can mimic all the previously popular landscaping materials. Whether your taste is for stone, terracotta, concrete or wood effect, all can be sourced in the new Porcelain Paving format.

Because they are resilient to frost, thermal shock, heavy traffic, moss, mould and the adverse side effects of heavy duty cleaning products, salts and acids, more and more UK customers tend to use vitrified paving for their gardens. Vitrified paving also boasts low moisture absorption which makes it far easier to clean, along with high anti-slip resistance and an ability to maintain its colour and characteristics, even after years of excessive use.

How to Choose Porcelain Paving Wholesalers

Porcelain paving is a new product of paving slabs in the UK market. Buying porcelain paving requires traceability of origin and factory, as there are many vitrified porcelain factories in countries like China and India.

So if there is no manufacturer’s description and test report, you should be cautious in buying porcelain paving slabs because the quality is uneven.

The powerful equipment and high-technological production line are required on all vitrified paving slabs production to ensure the slabs have extremely sufficient density to ensure strength, water absorption and scratching resistance. Small factory presses machines are insufficient for this requirement, only the bigger factories can invest this expensive equipment to meet the quality needs.

It will be helpful for you to choose a supplier who can offer a wide range of styles and sizes. Many suppliers only offer single sizes, so it’s worth looking out for those that can offer project packs, circle kits and accessories such as steps, pieces for swimming pools and edging to provide the most comprehensive and creative opportunities for customers.

Stone Paving Direct Ltd is one of best option for online shop of porcelain paving slabs, they also supply Indian sandstone, limestone paving, China granite paving, stone cladding, and click vinyl flooring




Many people remain confused when it comes to buying glasses. Well, it is very obvious as the market is flooded with a wide variety of glasses like rectangular frames, oval frames, wraparound frames, plastic frames, acetate frames, rimless glasses, and many more. Then there is a plethora of brands and replicates also. Replicate glasses usually don’t last long and they also will deny you from the warranty. If you choose to get the best glasses, then go for the brands.

Again, the confusion doesn’t end here. You have a wide number of brands that make quality glasses and are basically expensive in nature. Typical brands like Armani, D&G, Gucci, Tom Ford, Oakley, Ray-Ban are great glasses but they are expensive too. On the other hand, brands like Spy+, SmartBuy Collection, Arise Collective, Montana are highly superior in quality but come at affordable prices. If you are a budget-friendly person, then you will definitely love the collections from SmartBuyGlasses, and you can get the top end designers for less in their flash sale, and all come with a best price guarantee, so you won’t find them cheaper anywhere else.

Use Virtual Try-On Tool To Buy Glasses From SmartBuyGlasses In The UK

If you are getting difficulty selecting the right frame then you should consider this latest and handy tool that will make your shopping delightful and unique. The Virtual Try-On tool allows you to record selfie videos on your smartphone. You can take a selfie video and the VTO tool will analyse or process the video to determine your face structure like a virtual mirror.

After the processing, you can use the selfie mode to virtually try over 80,000 models and over 100 designer brands available on SmartBuyGlasses.

Tom Ford FT5178 CLASSIC 001


Expensive but you can enjoy unbeatable savings if you buy them online. The full-rimmed plastic frames are durable enough to guarantee long life. Tom Ford glasses look classic and flawless in black frames and square frames can hold customized lenses to highlight your personality more effectively.

Diesel DL5229 005


The lightweight hypoallergenic frames of Diesel make it highly demanding and stylish with evenly spread rectangular frames. Though lightweight and compact yet they are strong, resilient to impact or crashes. The lenses of the Diesel glasses can be fitted with advanced UV coating and anti-glare elements to augment visual clarity.

Ray-Ban RX7047 Active Lifestyle 5196


Ready to bring a new personality with the ever-cool Ray-Ban glasses. These are one of the most trending wayfarer glasses in the UK and are built with strong and lightweight acetate frames to provide comfort and clear vision. Acetate frames are also hypoallergenic in nature and these Ray-Ban glasses carry a 24-month warranty on their lenses for any manufacturing defects.

SmartBuy Collection Sandy Blue-Light Block CP150A


The search may not end here if you see this extraordinary pair of glasses from SmartBuy Collection. The SmartBuy Sandy glasses are very economical but they possess superior quality, design, and sleek finishings. They are available in 2 colours i.e. Dark Tortoise and Black and can serve both men and women who are working in front of computers for long durations. They can help you by blocking harmful blue lights coming from digital screens like laptops, mobiles, tablets, etc.

Arise Collective Volos C2 95246


If you are looking to excite your summer travels and vacations, then nothing can beat these Arise Volos shades that look highly prominent and radiant. You can enjoy yourself under the sun fully and carefree with a Category-3 UV protection that will make superior vision quality. The plastic frames and lenses make it lighter for extreme comfort.

All the glasses from SmartBuyGlasses are available with professional RX lenses that come with a 24-month warranty and ClearPay installment service which is ideal for impulse buyers! With a 100-day return policy, you can buy as many as you want and return them if you change your mind.

Are Slick Tiles and Dryland Flooring the Same Thing?

Are Slick Tiles and Dryland Flooring the Same Thing?

When it comes to the different types of hockey flooring it is easy to get confused as to which ones do what. Are slick tiles the same as dryland hockey flooring? What about synthetic ice? What do the different types of flooring have to do with each other, and what is the difference?

If you would like to have a better understanding of hockey flooring in general and want to know which type might be best for you, keep reading.

Slick Tiles and Dryland Flooring

Dryland hockey flooring is a generic term for the type of tiles that you can put down and create a hockey practice area in your home, or wherever else you could imagine. When you practice or play on dryland tiles you can not use ice skates to do so. Dryland flooring is made so that you can experience the slickness of the ice hockey floor when it comes to shooting pucks and dangling, but not for ice skating. Slick tiles are a name-brand dryland hockey flooring that is exclusive to Sniper’s Edge hockey that offers a better, and slicker surface than the other dryland options on the market. You can practice shooting and even use a hockey balance board to practice with on slick tiles.

Synthetic Ice Panels

The thing about synthetic ice that people love the most is that it allows you to build an ice skating rink just about anywhere you would like. Much like dryland hockey flooring, synthetic ice panels are easy to install and connect with each other so tightly that there is barely seam. The rugged build and the seamless design are very effective when it comes to creating a flooring system that allows for ice-like skating and shooting.

Although you can ice skate on synthetic ice, it is not recommended to attempt to rollerblade on it. Since synthetic ice of the modern day is made out of a type of polymer plastic that is equipped with its own lubrication system, trying to rollerblade on the surface would be much like trying to rollerblade on a real ice flooring area. Yes, it is possible to rollerblade on a real ice rink, bit is not an easy task and could become dangerous if you do not have the skillset that will allow for such a stunt.

Rubberized Hockey Flooring

Another type of hockey flooring that is available on the market today is rubberized hockey tiles. Obviously, these tiles are made out of rubber and would not allow for ice skates, or hockey pucks. Yes, you are able to rollerblade on rubber flooring, but not the same way you could on a harder type of flooring. Rubber hockey flooring is made to play hockey with balls instead of pucks. Although it is much different than ice hockey, it is still a form of hockey and is very popular in some places.


So the difference between slick tiles and dryland hockey flooring is pretty simple. Dryland flooring is a generic term, and slick tiles are a name brand that was created by one of the top hockey product companies in the world, Sniper’s Edge hockey. If you want to invest in your future with high-quality training aids, make sure that you buy the best.

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