Living Wisely During Difficult Times

Living Wisely During Difficult Times

After a little over a year and a half into this pandemic, we’re still not sure how long it will last. With COVID-19 still looming over our heads, we all need to tighten our belts and be a bit more prudent with how we spend our money.

While we’re still not out of the woods, we need to give careful thought to how we spend our money, considering the economic uncertainties we’re faced with. Here are some ways to spend wisely and saving money during the pandemic:

Stop Buying Things That you Don’t Actually Need

When the pandemic started, you would expect product consumption to go lower. However, eCommerce hit an unprecedented high in the first few months of the pandemic because people kept buying stuff, especially non-essential items during the lockdown season. If you want to save money now, cut down on unnecessary expenses and avoid impulse shopping.

Cancel Some Of Your Subscriptions and Memberships

Take time to go over your monthly expenses and see which ones you can live without. Anything that isn’t important or useful at home, consider canceling those subscriptions. Gym memberships, cable TV, and other similar monthly expenses can go at this time.

If You’re Making any Home Improvements, Invest in Smart Home Technology

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A lot of people have carried out home improvement projects during the pandemic. These projects were somehow justified as essential projects to help make home isolation more comfortable and easier to bear with. With all the time you’re spending at home, your utility consumption is a lot higher now compared to the pre-COVID season. If you’re considering making home upgrades, invest in smart technology that can help you lower your energy consumption and keep your monthly bills at a minimum.

Prep Your Own Meals

We understand you miss eating at your favorite burger or pizza joint. Since the economy has reopened, more people have been enjoying meals at their favorite diners and restaurants. This, however, is an additional expense. Instead of dining out or having food delivered, why don’t you try buying your own groceries and preparing your meals at home? It may require more effort on your part but it’s a lot cheaper and safer than eating out.

Eat Healthily and Avoid Junk Food

One other advantage that preparing your own meals at home is you have greater control over what you put inside your body. We highly recommend giving your family healthier food options. Eating healthy isn’t expensive, contrary to what people say about it. You just need to perform your due diligence. There are plenty of inexpensive yet tasty healthy recipes available online.

Avoid a Sedentary Lifestyle and Exercise Regularly

In light of healthy living, you also need to ensure that the right diet is complemented by regular exercise. You don’t even need to go to the gym or have fancy workout equipment to get enough exercise. If you’re working remotely, avoid a sedentary lifestyle by setting aside a specific time for physical activity, whether it’s taking your dog out for a walk or joining online Zumba or Yoga classes.

Instead of Buying New Stuff, Check to See If They Can Still be Repaired

At this time, you might think it’s easier to just replace broken or malfunctioning items around the house. It will depend on how bad the damage is. For instance, if your smartphone is acting up or its battery gets easily drained, you can just take it to a cell phone repair shop and have it fixed instead of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars getting a new one.

Open Your Windows for Improved Natural Lighting and Ventilation

A simple way of reducing your energy consumption, especially during summertime, is to open those doors and windows during the day. This allows natural light and wind to come in. This eliminates the need to turn on the lights or keep the AC running the whole day. While you’re at it, check to see if there are drafts in your house and have them fixed stat. Those cracks and holes can make controlling air ventilation indoors more challenging.

Strictly Follow COVID-19 Protocols

At the end of the day, nobody wants to get sick. Getting sick compromises our immune system which makes us vulnerable to the coronavirus. Treatment for COVID patients amounts to tens of thousands of dollars. Following the protocols will help keep you healthy and safe and out of the hospital.

Maintaining a simpler and more practical lifestyle during this pandemic will help you save money while everyone else is losing it on impulse. It takes a great amount of self-control but if with the right motivation, it can be done. And there’s no greater motivation right now than ensuring your family will not worry about your finances when the need arises. Until we get out of this crisis, we need to give careful thought to our spending.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen