Introduction of Porcelain Paving Wholesalers in The Uk

Porcelain Paving Wholesalers

Do you want to learn more about Porcelain Paving slabs before you buy? If so, we will introduce the porcelain paving industry in the UK and outline some of our most popular options that you can check out further down on this article that we hope you will like and can give you some direction on the right solutions for your own home and garden needs.

Things You Should Know About Porcelain Paving

Origin — Italy was originally the market leader for quality and design. Now, well designed, good quality product can be also be sourced from India and China where European influence and guidance have been sought to raise the quality of production in these countries. This has enabled the introduction of good quality product at a less expensive price.

Strength — Because of the state-of-the-art manufacturing process, porcelain is incredibly strong and can easily withstand high levels of footfall. The tiles can also take the weight of vehicles and heavy loads, making it a great option for driveways too. Outdoor porcelain tiles will easily withstand any extreme or severe weather conditions without being damaged and are sure to provide a strong and sturdy base to your project.

Maintenance — Due to the pressure and high temperatures, the slabs are non-porous and will absorb little to no water. This stops any moisture from building up within the tiles and will help to prevent the growth of algae and mould, giving the porcelain some of its low-maintenance benefits. This will also prevent any water from freezing inside the tiles which will mean that porcelain won’t be susceptible to cracking during the winter.

Safety — Outdoor porcelain tiles are suitable for use in any area which is likely to see rain and can even be used in bathrooms and around swimming pools or water features without becoming slippery.

Consistency — Suited to the British climate, porcelain patio slabs will withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions without being susceptible to damage or becoming too hot underfoot in the sun.

Porcelain Paving is Popular in the UK

Porcelain paving, also known as ceramic or vitrified paving, is the latest buzzword for the outdour landscape industry in the UK and many in the trade think it could well become a significant format, taking as much as 20% of market share, in the years ahead.

In UK, porcelain paving is the latest material to become popular for garden Landscaping projects. The dizzying array of colors and finishes available can mimic all the previously popular landscaping materials. Whether your taste is for stone, terracotta, concrete or wood effect, all can be sourced in the new Porcelain Paving format.

Because they are resilient to frost, thermal shock, heavy traffic, moss, mould and the adverse side effects of heavy duty cleaning products, salts and acids, more and more UK customers tend to use vitrified paving for their gardens. Vitrified paving also boasts low moisture absorption which makes it far easier to clean, along with high anti-slip resistance and an ability to maintain its colour and characteristics, even after years of excessive use.

How to Choose Porcelain Paving Wholesalers

Porcelain paving is a new product of paving slabs in the UK market. Buying porcelain paving requires traceability of origin and factory, as there are many vitrified porcelain factories in countries like China and India.

So if there is no manufacturer’s description and test report, you should be cautious in buying porcelain paving slabs because the quality is uneven.

The powerful equipment and high-technological production line are required on all vitrified paving slabs production to ensure the slabs have extremely sufficient density to ensure strength, water absorption and scratching resistance. Small factory presses machines are insufficient for this requirement, only the bigger factories can invest this expensive equipment to meet the quality needs.

It will be helpful for you to choose a supplier who can offer a wide range of styles and sizes. Many suppliers only offer single sizes, so it’s worth looking out for those that can offer project packs, circle kits and accessories such as steps, pieces for swimming pools and edging to provide the most comprehensive and creative opportunities for customers.

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Steffy Alen

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