How To Remembering Your Loved Ones

A thousand little memories fill our lives everyday, and before we know it, high school and college came and went by, you’re planning your retirement, you grew older and wiser, with kids and grandkids by your side. It is very important to invest in your future now. You have to think of what you’re going to do when you retire, and ultimately, when you die. It is a plus to plan ahead, and Alpha 1 Memorial Stonemasons can help you with that.


Alpha 1 Memorial

An Australia-based headstone and monument-making business, Alpha 1 Memorial has been making quality headstones and memorials since 1982. With the Certificate III in Engineering Mechanical, the Certificate III of Stone Masonry and the Diploma of Mechanical Engineering, the Graham Taylor is more qualified to do the job. He has been a project manager in Dubai thus he can handle his team well. Their products, made from high-quality granite stones from India, can be viewed in their website. This guarantees that their products can last for a long time, even through harsh weather conditions. They have a variety of products that ranges from the headstones, the plaques, the markers, the tombstones, the gravestones, the memorials, the monuments, the mausoleums, and even the chapels or vaults. Their customers have the freedom to choose its color and the design of the product that they wanted to get done for their deceased loved one. Alpha 1 Memorials offers services in several areas that includes the Brisbane, the Ipswich, the Logan, the Moreton Bay, the Redlands, and the Scenic Rim and even in the Bush as far as Cheerbourg.

The Price Range

They also provide a price range for their products in the website. Restorations, renovations and refurbishments are available from as little as $500. New masonry monuments range from $3400 to $4500 while new double masonry monuments range from $6400 to 8200. New single and double headstones range from $2800 to $16000 depending on the size and its design. New Indian Granite monuments range from $6800 to $18000, while new double Indian Granite monuments range from $10500 to $40000, still depending on the height and size. Mausoleum prices depend on the customer’s specifications. All of these products can be viewed in the monument gallery so customers can get an idea of what is referred.

Testimonials from real customers can even be seen in one section of the website. This helps encourage prospective customers to give their services a try. Graham Taylor’s contact information is given on the website, so if you want quality the headstones, the monuments and the memorials, contact them now to get a free quotation!

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen