How to Live Stream an Event: Top 5 Tip and Trick In 2021

How to Live Stream an Event: Top 5 Tip and Trick In 2021

In recent years, live-streamed events have become the norm in our technology-driven and globally-connected society.

In fact, statistics show that live video will account for 17% of internet video traffic by 2022 which equates to 15-fold growth since 2017.

Today, it’s possible for even small businesses and startups to live stream concerts, sporting events, weddings, graduations, conferences, and much more. Since this trend is still on the rise, now is the best time to learn how to live stream an event.

Today, we will walk you through the basics of live streaming events. We’re here to help you understand each of the major moving parts involved in live streaming an event so that you’ll be equipped with the information you need to have success with your broadcast.

Let’s dive into the five things you should consider when preparing to live stream your first event.

Streaming Solutions

When considering how to live stream an event, you’ll first want to choose a streaming solution that is right for you. A streaming solution is a platform that hosts your live stream.

Many professional-grade Event Video Live Streaming solutions are equipped with HTML5 video players that are totally white-labeled and can easily be embedded on your website, app, and social platforms.

When using one of the professional video streaming platforms, you and your viewers have access to specialized servers and sufficient bandwidth, among many other features, to ensure successful broadcasts.

A professional streaming service can typically handle large volumes of viewers, thereby allowing you to live stream events remotely to reach a larger audience. If your streaming solution uses a global content delivery network, your virtual event stream will also accommodate large volumes of viewers in remote locations around the globe, and the streaming quality will be higher.

In short, the better the service you select–in terms of features, support, and cost–the better the broadcasting experience will be for you and the better the viewing experience will be for your audience.

We recommend taking the time to compare several services, and to take advantage of free trials, before deciding on the right plan for you. schmittat, for example, offers a feature-rich free trial to give you the chance to test out our service for yourself.

There are a few main features to consider when comparing live stream hosts.

How to Live Stream an Event: Top 5 Tip and Trick In 2021

If you plan to generate revenue from your streams, you’ll want to ensure your streaming video platform offers monetization opportunities. Professional platforms (including schmittat, UStream, and Livestream) offer monetization features such as pay-per-view, subscription, and event archiving.

schmittat’s secure paywall, for example, is integrated into the live streaming platform.

Another benefit of professional streaming platforms is the absence of ads. With free broadcasting services, like Youtube, your viewers experience a constant stream of unwanted and untimely advertisements.

By contrast, schmittat and other professional streaming solutions offer a white-label video player. This means that there are no ads of any kind, and schmittat logo is not located on your video.

With a white-label video player, you can create and embed your own watermark or logo onto your original content.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen