How To Live In Dubai In A Budget

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Most people have this idea that living in Dubai on a budget is not possible. The lifestyle in Dubai might seem that it is luxurious, and to some extent, it is. However, thinking that you will have to be a billionaire to live in Dubai is an exaggeration. Although the expatriates of this city are used to living a tax-free life, it is still easy to slip and lose track of your spendings when you live in a glamorous place like Dubai. Investing in day-to-day necessities and all the luxurious temptations are to be handled with care, no matter where you live.

If you live in Dubai, you might have an idea about how easy it is to get lured into dining out often and shopping every week. After all, it is the city where the world’s most famous eateries and shopping malls are found. That being said, saving is one of the crucial habits that can help you achieve your financial goals early in life. If you want to try out budgeting while you are living in Dubai and feel hopeless, do not anymore! The following are the list of ways you can limit your spendings and give your bank accounts a rest as an expatriate in Dubai.

#1 Smart Housing Tips

In Dubai, the most expensive investment in housing and rent. It is not surprising that owning a house in one of the most luxurious countries in the world will not be that cheap. But fret not! You can still manage to get yourself a comfortable place to live within a budget. Most expatriates do not have to worry about this as many companies in Dubai cover the housing costs of their employees. If that is not the case and you are single, you can try sharing apartments with other expats. This will help you in sharing other day-to-day expenditures, so you will be able to save more in your bank account.

By making sure that you are on an affordable budget when it comes to housing, you can treat yourself on the weekends by staying at hotels that are quite a sight in Dubai. If you want to go out with your friends and take a break, the Madinat Jumeirah living style can make you feel a little different. Other options like Emaar Beachfront are also perfect for a nice weekend as you will be close to the majestic beach throughout your stay.

#2 Affordable Schooling Tips

Only if you act like a smart individual, you can afford schooling in Dubai. Families often struggle in the education department as they mostly enrol their kids in international schools. In reality, the quality of education is almost similar, regardless of the foundations of the schools. The best option is to opt for Indian schools as they offer quality education. Almost all the students that graduate from Indian schools pass the International Baccalaureate exams. You can save a lot of money by taking such smart approaches to crucial necessities.

#3 Inexpensive Transport Tips

In Dubai, relying on public transport is not a good idea, as it is expensive and not a sustainable long term solution. So what do I do? Well, the only smart way to get around this problem is buying your own car. Now, it might sound too much on the pocket, but in reality, it is the total opposite. If you want to make a proper investment in your car then it is suggested that you buy a new one as they come with offers like 1-2 years of free services. If that is something you can afford at the moment, you can opt for buying second-hand vehicles as well. There are several automobile markets in Dubai where you can get your hands on a reliable used car at cheap rates.

#4 Cheap Food Tips

Buying food groceries from cheap places can help you minimize your budget to a great extent. However, exploring different market centers is necessary to know what the rate of food products in varying areas is. Most people go to the markets present on the Sheikh Zayed Rd, where you will also come across superstores selling organic food. Make a list of essential groceries at the start of every month and use them wisely.

Follow these steps, and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle in Dubai. You can even get the perfect property at Emaar Beachfront, with spectacular views!

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen