How to Create Instagram Videos for Your Business

How to Create Instagram Videos for Your Business

Instagram is one of the rewarding digital spaces for businesses and brands. Instagram is flooded with many Gen Z users around the globe. Around 60% of Instagram users are between 18 and 34 years of age. Businesses have an opportunity to market their products/services on Instagram and increase the ROI. One can share images as well as videos on Instagram to drive engagement. The engagement level of Instagram videos is around 38% more than images on Instagram. Business accounts on Instagram share noticeable videos to create a buzz about their products/services. Read on to know the steps for creating Instagram videos for your business in 2022.

Plan Your Instagram Marketing Content In Advance 

How frequently are you planning to upload marketing videos on Instagram? Remember, consistency is the key on Instagram for businesses and brands. To build a vast online community, you should share marketing videos at frequent intervals. You need to create an editorial calendar for yourself in 2022. Based on the fixed schedule, you can upload marketing videos on Instagram. It will also help you keep your Instagram marketing strategy on point throughout the year. Apart from creating the video schedule, you also need to plan the marketing video content.

Before making any Instagram video, think about the video content. You can write down the video motive and script for added convenience. Many beginners start making business videos without any prior analysis. It is necessary to find the interests of your target audience, decide the video subjects, and decide the video elements beforehand. By doing so, you will have a definitive path to follow while making Instagram videos. A video script will prevent you from drifting away from the video topic during the creation process.

Businesses should spend some time researching the interests of their customers. Your customers are the ones that will watch your brand videos. If videos aren’t aligned to customers’ interests, they may fail badly on Instagram. To prevent such mishaps, you need to conduct a preliminary analysis and form an ideal customer persona. The planning process is as important as the video creation process.

Make An Editing Platform Your Partner

Once you have the video script and schedule, it is time for the real action. How are you planning to make noticeable business videos? The built-in editing powers of your laptop will not allow you to add overlays or velocity effects. You may only manipulate some colours or images with the pre-existing editing application on your laptop. Instead of limited editing features, you need a dedicated video editor for making business videos.

12 Practices To Grow Your Business With Video

You can unlock a wide variety of editing effects by using a dedicated video editor. You can include transitions, music, overlays, cuts, and much more in your Instagram videos. Instagram videos for businesses need to be professional to attract new followers. A professional Instagram video editor can help you add advanced editing effects to your brand videos. Powerful brand videos can be created in no time with an Instagram video editor.

Many small business owners hesitate in using a dedicated video editing tool to make powerful videos. They have the misconception that a video editor subscription is very costly. Well, you should know that many video editors offer free versions for small businesses. Even if you get a video editor subscription, you will see the benefits in the long run. The interface of every video editor will differ, but the generic steps to make a video with an editing platform are as follows:

  • Open the video editing platform and upload your media files to a premade template. A pre-made template will reduce the manual effort needed to make a brand video.
  • You can also create a brand video from scratch on a video editing platform from scratch. Make sure you follow the ideal video requirements of Instagram to create a perfect brand video.
  • Once you have added all the media elements to the timeline, start adding editing effects. You can add transitions, overlays, velocity, sound, and other effects where they seem fit.
  • Check for any shortcomings in your brand video by seeing a preview on the video editing platform.
  • Upload your finished video directly on Instagram or export it to a device for sharing later.

Ideal Video Requirements On Instagram

Now you know the best way to create Instagram videos for your business in 2022. Many beginners aren’t aware of the ideal video requirements on Instagram. From aspect ratio to video format, Instagram has a set of rules for videos. If you follow the ideal video requirements on Instagram, your videos will offer the best viewing experience. Things you need to follow for making an ideal Instagram video are as follows:

  • For Instagram story videos, don’t keep the length more than 15 seconds. The length of an Instagram feed video shouldn’t be more than 60 seconds. For a higher duration, try making an IGTV video.
  • The ideal dimension for a vertical video on Instagram is 1920 by 1080 pixels. For a square video on Instagram, the ideal dimension is 864*864 pixels.
  • MP4 or MOV formats are best suited for making Instagram videos.

Instagram will automatically chunk out a portion of your video if you ignore the ideal aspect ratio. It will hamper the viewing experience of your brand videos on Instagram. A video editing tool can help you follow the ideal requirements of Instagram for videos without any hassles.

Brand Videos On Instagram Should Convey A Story

Sales-centric videos aren’t the only way to boost ROI on Instagram. You can share a brand story video to build a connection with your Instagram followers. You can tell stories via customer testimonial videos on Instagram. There is a wide range of options for building a brand persona on Instagram. Brand videos that share a message/story create a buzz among Instagrammers.

In 2022, you need a video editing tool and the right marketing strategy to create impactful Instagram videos for your business.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen