How to Attract More Clients Showing Your True Appreciation

How to Attract More Clients Showing Your True Appreciation

You may have heard this before: it takes 7 additional actions to get a new client than to get a repeat client. It makes you wonder why people don’t follow up with their clients. It is even more crucial to follow up with your actual and former clients than with new prospects. Your clients bring you 80% of your revenue. Why would you want to concentrate your time on people who only bring you only 20% of your revenue? We are not saying that you have to neglect your prospects, but make sure to continue to build the relationship with a client after the sale. Treat your clients like you would a long-term friendship; because you want to keep them for life.

How Should You Build a Relationship With Your Clients?

Follow-up with your clients on a regular basis – a minimum of once a month but better yet every week. Let them know about updates to your products, services or your general business. If they like you and trust you, they will be more willing to purchase it the next time you launch a new product. If you don’t keep them informed, how can they know you have other products or services that can help them if you never mentioned them. It is not their job to learn more about you or keep track of your updates, but your responsibility to be on the top of their minds, so next time they will be ready to buy, they will buy from you instead of buying from your competitor.

Statistics show that 20 to 30% of your clients will ascend to a higher product price on their own if you give them a chance. And about 50% of them will buy again if you give them the opportunity and let them know about your other products or services. Communication and consistent follow-up are not options; they are necessities.

Your raving fans are the people who will spread the word about you, your services, how you were able to solve their problems and will cause other people to gain interest. You want to cultivate these clients. Some people like you so much that they will follow you, show up at organized events and live conventions, as a fan will follow his/her favourite singer in a concert. The testimonials that these clients are able and willing to give you can then be used on your website. A third party review makes a bigger impact on your prospects than you telling the world that you are the best in the business. Ask if they would be willing to give you their testimonials via video.

How to Gain Customer Appreciation - And Why You Should - Small Business  Trends

Your clients are willing to do a lot for you, but how can you show them your appreciation?

There are a number of ways to thank your clients for being loyal to you. First, a simple way is to send them a thank you card when they purchase your product or program. Do not stop working with people who treat you like one of their personal friends. You feel special that they pay so much attention to you that you definitely want to continue working with them and learning from them.

  • Call after a couple of weeks or a month after they have purchased from you to make sure that they got the maximum of your products and see if they have any questions or ask how you can continue to help them.
  • Try sending a gift for their birthday or some other occasion (not as a thank you, but just to show that you care). Offer a special discount on your other product or service, which will not only give them the opportunity to learn about this product but take advantage of the special price.
  • Set up a customer loyalty program. Each time they will refer you to clients, they will get points or credits and, at some point, will be able to choose a gift. The same concept that credit card companies use with their awards.
  • Offer an affiliate program. They will get a commission each time they refer you to a client, which is another great way to thank them for spreading the word about you.
  • Be creative and find ways to show your appreciation to your clients. This will make a big difference between you and your competitors. Simply showing your appreciation will attract more clients. More of them will stay with you for longer, and they will refer you to like-minded people. One of the things that you can do to help your clients like you more is by sending them goodies out of the blue through Floweraura’s cake delivery in Ghaziabad services.

Using appreciation is a win/win situation. You are happy, your clients are happy, and you do not have to chase clients anymore; they will come knocking on your door.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen