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How a Hockey Shooting Tarp Sharpens Your Hockey Deke?

How a Hockey Shooting Tarp Sharpens Your Hockey Deke?

Being able to pull off the ultimate hockey deke can be the one thing that separates a win from a loss in a game. Since hockey is such a competitive sport, the best thing you can do is keep yourself in the best shape that you can possibly achieve. The best way to do that is to practice diligently and keep on pushing yourself to be better than before. When it comes to pulling tricky deke moves, training and training aids come in real handy.

Repetitive Shots

The great thing about practicing with a hockey shooting tarp is that you can set yourself up with a big pile of pucks and shoot at the same target over and over again until you hit it on the mark every time. A high-quality shooting tarp will have a built-in goalie with target areas around it that you can hone in on for hard-to-hit shots. If you have a hockey training area set up in y our home with a shooting tarp and a big supply of pucks, you are ready to train yourself to put that puck exactly where you want to, every time.

When you stack the pucks in front of you and aim for one target in particular you can repeatedly hit the puck at the target over and over again. What happens when you keep doing the same thing over and over again is you begin to form what is known as muscle memory. When you build this kind of intelligence bond between your brain and your body, the shots will come second nature when you need them to happen.

For example, when you are out in a real game and you plot the moves for a deke your mind will be in motion the whole time that you are moving in for the move, then when you fake the move, and when you finally take the shot. Since you have been honing in on the shot for so long, as soon as the movements that you will make in order to make the shot begin to happen, your brain and the bond that it made with your muscles in order to perfect the shot will take over and you will automatically hit the puck the way that it needs to be hit in order to make the shot. You won’t even realize it when it happens, but you will notice in the way that you confidently slap that puck right where it is supposed to go.


Stickhandling Matters

Yes, in order for it to be a successful deke the puck must score a point, so target practice is definitely important. However, it is a good idea to seriously work on the stickhandling side of the game as well. Being able to handle the stick and hold on to the puck when things get crazy is essential in the process of a successful deke. If you can’t hold on to the puck, how will you ever get a chance to shoot a goal? In between the shot practice, take the time to dangle and handle your stick so that when it comes to the game your muscle memory will not fail you in that department. Just continue to practice consistently, and you will reap the benefits when you need them most.

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