Flowers – One Of The Best Gifts

There is a saying that you would know a true friend if he or she gives you flowers when you are feeling down.

Though people today may dismiss the activity of giving flowers as gifts or stressing floral decorations in events as impractical, many more people are still doing it. Many suitors are still giving extravagant rose bouquets to their potential partners. Most, if not all weddings all over the world – no matter what religion, denomination, or affiliation – adorn the entire event with flowers and intricate plant structures and sculptures. Wreaths are still used to celebrate Christmas, and floral arrangements are still being sent by those expressing their condolences to the bereaved.

If flowers are as ‘impractical’ as people claim, then why are flowers still being sent and received by the majority of people across the globe? Why is the florist industry still surviving, and even thriving?

It’s simple – say what you want, but people still like to receive flowers. People just like flowers, in general. You may not know an acquaintance’s taste in food and wine, but you are sure to leave a positive impression with the right selection and arrangement of flowers.

Scientists have proof to back this claim. Flowers are confirmed to have a distinct connection to human beings, in the sense that people are immediately uplifted and encouraged even at the sight of flowers. The hormones that promote feelings of wellness and confidence are produced when flowers are given as a gift

This is partially because flowers are given as they are, with little to no additives and extra artificial stuff added. People know flowers, and they know they receive flowers when they receive them – they don’t need to look and wonder what they are when they get them. Flowers have also evolved to come in colours that are pleasant to the human eye – a natural and an unadulterated hue of yellow and red is literal eye candy

Could you believe that flowers are also being given on more unconventional occasions, such as Halloween? Flora2000 and other prominent florists have been quick to understand the need for flowers in even these times, and the demand for floral arrangements to be given as gifts during All Hallows Eve has never been so high

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Enjoy the Halloween season with flowers!

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen