Does Leaky Gut Happen In The Small Intestine Or The Large Intestine?

Leaky gut is a very dangerous disease, which unfortunately most people don’t even get diagnosed. There are people who still think that leaky gut is just a myth, while some medical scientists have proved that there is such condition as the leaky gut. It’s also known as the intestinal permeability.

Damage caused by the leaky gut syndrome:

The disease is very real and can damage not only your intestine but can easily damage your whole digestive track. The effects of leaky gut are so strong that not only your digestive system but other systems of your body also get damaged. The symptoms of leaky gut are very common, a person facing weight issues, various skin problems or depression may face leaky gut syndrome. It’s true that doctors are not able to diagnose the disease very easy, but if you feel that you do get stomach issues very frequently along with other above mentioned symptoms than you must take the leaky gut quiz, it’s a simple questionnaire which you can look for with typing leaky gut syndrome quiz. You will find leaky gut syndrome questionnaire you must fill the questions and your result would be generated.

Understanding the leaky gut syndrome:

The syndrome actually starts from the small intestine, a very important organ of your body. The small intestine has microscopic pores which allow the transfer of food nutrition from the intestine into the bloodstream. Once transferred the food particles move in the blood and provide all the nutrition required by the body.

Along with the nutrients, small intestine also gets all the waste material that is produce in the whole digestion, this waste is passed into the next level in a regular case but in the leaky gut syndrome case the intestine passes the waste product along with the food material into the bloodstream.

What the actual problem is with leaky gut:

The actual reason why this problem is very dangerous is that, the intestines walls are widen as a result the undigested food along with the toxic material and the waste material enters the blood stream.

Since these toxic are not supposed to be in the blood stream, your immune system starts generating antibiotic against them. These antibodies attack not only the particles but also the good healthy cells as a result infections and allergies occur and in major cases autoimmune disease occur too.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen