Different Categories Of Treatment Programs, Their Uses And Which To Choose For Yourself.

All around the globe. People go through the drug addiction illness, sometimes they recover in the first try, sometimes many have to relapse again and again to finally come around and recover from their drug addiction. Make no mistake about it, drug addiction can be cured, thousands and millions of people have recovered from it. Gone are the days when people thought that drug addiction does not exist, or mental illnesses are not real. Ever since the 2000s, people have started to take these two aspects of life seriously and there has been a huge overall growth in the entire world. Mental health is given importance; drug addicts are taken care of by the state instead of being shunned so they can contribute to the society as a whole. This is the world that is now, and there are ways to solve a drug addiction, there are different categories of treatments that one can choose to apply to themselves by the help of a medical health professional.

Here Are The Treatments That Are Given To The Person Suffering From Drug Addiction.

The treatments are divided into two categories. The first category is the residential treatment and the second category is the non-residential treatment. In the residential treatment, the inpatient treatment program comes at first, where the patient is admitted into the rehab center to get the treatment through professional medical nurses and doctors as well as counsellors. The patient is to stay at the facility for a month, three months, 6 months, to even a year depending upon how much it would really take the patient to recover. The patient can even recover in a week; it all depends on the severity of the drug addiction the person has gone through. If the person has been fighting drug addiction for the past year, then the recovery time can vary, it can last for a year to recover too—it varies from person to person. In the residential treatment program, the patient is told to go through this program with the help of a schedule.

Addiction treatment: First steps, types, and medications

The inpatient treatment program has group therapies, individual therapies, direct sessions with the counsellors, and even medically administered alternative drugs that can be used in place of the drugs that the person was addicted to. In this residential treatment, the person suffering from drug addict is told to relax and take care of themselves as they do not have to do anything too much because now all of it depends on the medical staff how they monitor the entire situation, how they check the withdrawal symptoms of the drug addicted person. These symptoms are tackled and one by one each habit that the patient was used to is cracked and changed. Inpatient treatment program is expensive mainly due to the fact the recipient of this treatment has to be a part of the rehab facility, they have to have a stay over there as long as it takes the detoxification process to take place and end.

Then comes the non-residential treatment program, which is in the form of outpatient treatment program. This treatment program does not involve much elements. The person who is suffering from drug addiction just has to come for an hour daily for five days a week and get treatment through group therapy, counselling, and detoxification. This treatment program costs less as compared to inpatient, considerably less, and it is directed towards people that have mild drug addiction.

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Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen