Creating An Unusual Wedding Bouquet

Every bride needs a beautiful bouquet to hold as she walks down the aisle, and there is no shortage of floral bouquet options at your local flower shop. Though there’s nothing wrong with choosing a traditional wedding bouquet for your wedding, many modern brides are craving something more unique and unusual to make their statement. Many brides turn to social media and photo sharing apps like Pinterest to find inspiration for their unusual wedding bouquets, but there are so many bad ideas out there it can be tough to find something that is practical and appropriate. Fortunately, we’ve gone through the trouble of finding some of the best options out there and put them together in one convenient place.

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The hardest part when trying to come up with a unique and unusual wedding bouquet is that almost every option out there requires expensive flowers. On top of that, most brides still want to be able to do the traditional bouquet toss, so the design needs to be sturdy enough to handle some air time and a subsequent catch or fall on the floor. So without further ado, here are some ideas for wedding bouquets that hit on all of those key points and will become a very memorable part of your wedding ceremony.

Wooden Flowers

Rather than buying expensive roses or carnations, why not buy wooden flowers for your wedding bouquet? The benefit of this idea is that your wedding bouquet will look as amazing as a very expensive one made with real flowers and never deteriorate, but the downside is that it will still look like a traditional wedding bouquet. However, if your main motivation is to shave a little cost off of the price of your bouquet, you really can’t go wrong by choosing wooden flowers.

Paper Flowers

Similar to wooden flowers, you can also either buy or fold your own paper flowers to use in your wedding bouquet in place of the real thing. However, unlike wooden flowers, paper flowers will look very different from real ones so it will be drastically more unusual. This is also a great option for couples who want their wedding to be more environmentally friendly because you can use recycled paper for your paper flowers. It’s not necessarily a viable choice for every bride, but it certainly fits the bill if you’re looking for an unusual idea for your wedding bouquet.

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A Sparkling Bouquet

This idea is more of an “add on” to another bouquet idea, but it will certainly make your wedding sparkle! All you need to do is shop around for some sparklers for weddings and stick a few of them into your otherwise ordinary, or unusual, wedding bouquet. Just light them up before you head down the aisle and you’ll literally have a sparkling wedding bouquet to dazzle all of your guests. Even if you are having your wedding indoors, there are special sparklers that don’t make smoke so you can do it safely without smoking out your guests.

At the end of the day, there is really no wrong way to design your wedding bouquet as long as it speaks to the person who is holding it. Try to be as creative as possible and think outside the box, and creating an unusual wedding bouquet will be a fun project that you will be thankful you undertook.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen